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Community: Eva Taulois & Le Foulard

March 20, 2012

A local spotlight on the Parisian artist and the launch of her beautiful new scarves label

  • Text by Celine Puertas

The artist Eva Taulois launched her own brand in 2009. At first, she imagined two scarves, one for her and the other one for her boyfriend, then for a few friends... From word of mouth works Le Foulard was born. Every piece is unique, hand made, crafted somewhere between art and fashion.

Satellite Voices: What makes you smile?
Eva Taulois: Girls riding their bicycles with high heels. I sometime have to do it myself and I know it's really hard to do.

SV: What was the first thing you ever made?
Eva Taulois: A paper mache totem representing a taller man than me when I was 10.

SV: What’s your dream project?
Eva Taulois: To develop my brand Le Foulard and continue my work in contemporary art.

SV: What do you wish you had written / created?
Eva Taulois: I wish I had created the Campana Brothers Stuffed Toy Banquete chair. I love their work, it’s fun and really poetic.

SV: Who’s work / art / music would you recommend on checking out?
Eva Taulois: Erwin Wurm’s sculptures, he hijacks objects of the everyday life and it’s beautiful. Also I love the last video of M.I.A. “Bad Girls”.

SV: How do you describe your work?
Eva Taulois: My scarves are a reinterpretation of an old savoir-faire, the patchwork. I use different products and patterns and the result is very colorful. Every hand-made scarf is unique. For me Le Foulard is between an art product and a fashion accessory.

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