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Eleonore Klar

February 3, 2012

The editor-in-chief of the itinerant magazine I Heart discusses the diversity of culture

  • Text by Celine Puertas

Eleonore Klar launched I Heart in June 2010. Every three months she stops in a city of her choice and settles for two months, in order to explore the cultural local scene. There she recruits a team of journalists, photographers and stylists to work on the new issue. The new actual location and focus is dedicated to Brussel.

Satellite Voices: Can you introduce I Heart, for the ones who don't know it yet?
Eleonore Klar: I Heart is a cultural magazine that is about discovering weird and cultural specific things. For example, Rollergirls in Austin, Telenovelas in Buenos Aires or Cajun food in New Orleans. These are the basic topics but we can also meet a poet, an editor, a chef, a florist, a parfumeur… It is released quarterly and sold in France.

SV: When did you launch it and why?
Eleonore Klar: It started two years ago with I Heart Austin. I was a music journalist and had a cool editor-in-chief job at a French magazine, but I missed traveling. So I found a way to do both. I didn’t realise it back then but I think it also has something to do with the fact that I majored in sociology at university.

SV: How many people are working with you each time? How do you find them?
Eleonore Klar: We’re a team of ten or so in Paris and each time we go to a new city we find a small local crew. I’d say another ten. We find them a bit randomly. I sometimes do my research and get in touch with them before the trip, but I more frequently meet them at parties or gigs. It is a network that we build naturally when we’re on site.

SV: Do you have a favorite issue and why?
Eleonore Klar: I have two. I Heart Auckland, because living there was amazing. Kiwis feel they’re stuck at the end of the world. But they have this great culture, a good mix between Europe, America and Asia. My other favorite issue is I Heart New Orleans. It wasn’t easy to put together. Living in Nola is tough and people don’t open up too easily, since they often have this idea that journalists are just interested in crime, Katrina and the French Quarter. But that’s were I met some of the people I admire the most (Quintron #1) and I feel we’ve somehow managed to give something back to this city that really deserves it. It’s the issue I’m the most proud of.

SV: A word about the new one?
Eleonore Klar: The one that you can get in stores right now is about Brussels and it has lots of beautiful fashion students, greasy illustrations and good garage rock bands in it. Brussels is only 1 hour 22 minutes away from Paris, and I think every one in France should buy I Heart and go there.

SV: What's next ?
Eleonore Klar: The one I’m working on today in Melbourne. It will be out in April. From what I’ve experienced here so far I can only advice our readers to start saving up for a plane ticket.

Also, we still have to go to Africa and Asia. There will be a few layout and editorial changes for the coming issue. More cities to heart, parties to throw, calories to ingest (in solid and liquid forms), bands to love, postcards to send, a few birthday events...

Photograph by Raphaël Lugassy

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