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None at La Cantine

May 10, 2012

Martial Foe aka Lonely Band, tells us about the art and music movement he is creating for underground artists

  • Text by Christophe Victoor

Martial Foe's musician moniker is Lonely Band. A member of the Parisian collective Grande Ville and of the conceptual band Smoe with French director Dijor Smith, this is a creative polymath who studied cinema at college on a mission to develop and support the city's most talented underground artists.

His new creation is entitled None, a multimedia event that launches at La Cantine, this Saturday May 12.

Satellite Voices: What's the concept behind None?
Martial Foe: The concept of None is to create a movement and not a collective, which will have the power to show to the world a selection of very talented underground artists. I really like the word None, because I can relate it to a fight. We have to fight against the none in our everyday life, this is why we have to create. On the other hand the None concept is a perpetual energy. I want every event to be more than many artists gathered together. I want it to be more of an exchange between people. I want the artists to create something together the day of the event, but also in the future. In a very subjective way, I would not say that I have the luck to meet a new talent everyday. And when it occurs, I usually notice that they do not have the visibility they deserve. I want to change the way things work!

SV: How did you curate the artists for None? 
Martial Foe: Some of the artists are already tight with our collective Grande Ville, and it has been a long time that I wanted to organise a big thing with them. The whole idea and the choices that have been made all come from my will to show their great talent to the biggest amount of people. We worked very closely on the artwork for this event. The ambition was to give a general image of the event that really made sense to everyone, involving very different artists. And I think it worked pretty well.

SV: What is your plan for the future of None? 
Martial Foe: The next move for us is to create the None Fanzine and to get the next editions ready with new artists, and hopefully crossing borders to reach other countries. We are aiming to organise very different events which is something missing to our youth. I have the idea of some kind of philosophical dinners, with some booze and a huge after party. As I like to say, everything is the same thing, so let's do everything...

SV: What can we expect in the future with Lonely Band? 
Martial Foe: I am currently working on an EP coming out in the next months. And my other purpose is to develop other projects with None through my music, to enlarge the concept.

Artworks by Lonely Band, Neue, Romain Babeau and Djor Smith

None opens on Saturday 12 May at La Cantine @

151 rue Montmartre
Passage des Panoramas
75002 Paris

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