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Firstlines: Maximilian Geuter

November 4, 2011

Part 5 of our Firstlines Gallery series featuring the artistic and individualistic photographer

  • Text by Sylvia Weber

Maximilian Geuter's work is about trying to create an insight into the world of a contemporary, individual person. Soaking up impressions you collect, shaking it, mixing it up and presenting it in a condensed, aesthetic form. His work includes portraits of contemporaries as well as landscape and stillife photography. Geuter is fascinated by the diversity you can´t escape which surrounds and forms all of us, everyday. This variety is the most important part of his intention to create a subjective image of one man´s life.

Satellite Voices: What was the first thing you ever made?
Maximilian Geuter:
First thing I ever made was breathing in and out; I liked that. At 18 I was in a darkroom for the first time to develop and blow up pictures. I liked that, too. Even more fun than just breathing.

Satellite Voices: How do you describe your work?
Maximilian Geuter:
Absorbing, arranging and ejecting - creating an insight into the cosmos of a contemporary, individual person.

Satellite Voices: Why do you work together with Frstlines gallery?
Maximilian Geuter:
Because of the supporting character of the gallery owner Florian Hubalek; his impressing straightforwardness, social skills and his expert knowledge. Hubalek combined with the family-feeling, like Frank Balve called it, was the decisive factor to join Firstlines.

Satellite Voices: What is your dream project?
Maximilian Geuter:
Being able to support my son with his dream projects. Besides, there are lots of ideas to accomplish. I prefer to first create something and then to talk about it.

Satellite Voices: What is your next project?
Maximilian Geuter:
Working on the next solo show which will happen in early 2012.

Satellite Voices: What do you consider your biggest influence for your work?
Maximilian Geuter:
My work is formed out of everyday experiences just like any other creature is formed by everyday impressions. It´s about what I´m about, what interests and shapes me, simple as that.

Satellite Voices: What inspires you about the city or the area you live and work in?
Maximilian Geuter:
Everything and nothing. I was born here and I feel blessed for living here and for getting the chance to study the development of my native city. To grow up and spend my live together with Munich and to meet all the positive people living here. I know it´s an oldfashioned attitude but I think it´s very important for me as a human being, to stay in one place - waiting and watching - being witness of changes. Observing the tree you know since childhood, the companion, how it develops from a sapling into a big, strong, blossoming tree.

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