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Munich Hustlers Part 6: Dorfner & Beeling

December 19, 2011

Presenting the wild boys of Munich through our Munich Hustler series

  • Text by Christine Bierhals

You can call them hedonists, artists and musicians. They are young, have style and their love for music interconnects them all. The DJ-duo Patrick Kaiser und Roman Dorfner aka Dorfner & Beeling began her carrer in Munich’s old club and bar Cafe King. Today they celebrate their music series called Zusammenspiel (The Interplay) in Munich’s most favourite clubs like Kong bar and Blumenbar club. Satellite Voices met the friends and showcases some of their innovative, self-designed flyers.

Satellite Voices: Do you remember your first favourite song?
Patrick Kaiser: I guess it was a loop which is played in between the chapters of "Die Drei ???" (The Three Question Marks).

Roman Dorfner: Something by the Talking Heads. I listened to it when I was around six-years-old. I don't exactly remember the name, but I often listened to it at my uncle’s place.

SV: How did you come up with your love for music and DJing?
Patrick Kaiser:
 Here is the very short version. Little Patrick was about 16-years-old and impressed by people who were dancing to drum and bass music. He was going out almost every weekend with his best friend Lisa. Lisa's older brother Flo used to be a DJ at that time and teached them the basics – concerning life, DJing and so on... 

Roman Dorfner: Music always played an important role in my life. And as it is for most artists I guess, only listening to it was not enough. So, I picked an instrument – turntables – and became pro-active.

SV: What else are you occupated with?
Patrick Kaiser:
 Right now it is my little daughter and her ambitions to walk without falling all the time.

Roman Dorfner: Pretending to be a hustler.

SV: What’s your dream project?
Patrick Kaiser:
 The ones I am working on!

Roman Dorfner: Playing more hip hop and drinking less vodka.

SV: What’s your next project?

Patrick Kaiser:
 I am working on a concept for my own little company.

Roman Dorfner: There are a few new, very attractive venues. We will start to play more frequently next year but I can't really reveal more at this point.

SV: What style of music do you play today?
Patrick Kaiser:
 It is quite difficult to define a certain style, especially when the set is influenced by two different people with varying ideas and preferences. The fusion of our ideas has always worked though, and is often helpful if you're playing for a whole night rather than a prime-time set.

Roman Dorfner: It varies from deep house to techno. Sometimes there is a hip hop track sneaking in to celebrate the good old times of scratching and bedroom DJing.

SV: What inspires you about Munich?
Patrick Kaiser:
 The mixture of family, friends, nature, mountains, seasons plus a light feeling of city flair somehow.

Roman Dorfner: Friends, family, food, cycling through Munich in the summer time and of course the best football club in the world.

SV: What is your favourite hidden city spot?
Patrick Kaiser:
 I have to say Snakertreff am Isartor.

Roman Dorfner: Luckily, I'm always discovering new ones on a regular basis. But I mostly stay close to the Isar.

SV: What can you find in your city that you cant get anywhere else?
Patrick Kaiser:

Roman Dorfner: Beeling.

Portrait photography by Heiko Dreher

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