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Inside/out: Niels Jäger

March 23, 2012

Local inspirations with Munich’s infamous city polymath from the Bob Beaman club, Edmoses bar and more

  • Text by Christine Bierhals

Niels Jäger is a teamplayer, not only during the day in his leisure time on basketball courts, but also as part of the city's nightlife. We spoke with the popular Munich influencer about his hometown of Munich, new projects, local heroes and insider places you must check out. The designer and consultant crosses over from to the club world with ease...

Satellite Voices: What’s your occupation during the day?
Niels Jäger: I do marketing and design direction for the homegrown basketball brand "K1X - Nation of Hoop" and host a weekly Bundesliga football format for Intl. Broadcast. I also put in the work to make our bar Edmoses and music club Bob Beaman as good as possible.

SV: ...and at night?
Niels Jäger: When I am not standing around at Edmoses or Bob Beaman pretending to be at work, I'm actually quite happy to take it easy. But I also like to hit Bar Corso, Schuhmann's or Goldene Bar.

SV: Are there more new projects planned for the summer?
Niels Jäger: Cut down on Facebook. Then there's the 4th annual Edmoses Open Mixed Doubles Tennis Tournament and the return of the amazing SMILE festival at Bob Beaman (10 - 12th of August 2012).

SV: Who’s work of art and who's music would you recommend checking out?
Niels Jäger: If you have not heard of "Feinkost Paranoia", you should look them up. These guys were a local underground hip hop collective several years back. They had a really unorthodox and raw style - way ahead of the pack back then. I still listen to their albums all the time (for which people like to make fun of me). Needless to say, I am big fan of our Bob Beaman residents Muallem, Roland Appel and Sascha Sibler. Those three dudes are great - we are very lucky to have them. In terms of local artists nobody does it better than the Bavarian grump, Gerhard Polt. Also, let me just say that Bill Waterson ("Calvin & Hobbes") a genius.

SV: Where do you live and what inspires you about that area of town?
Niels Jäger: I live in Maxvorstadt, the university district which separates Schwabing from the city center. It's not what you would consider "happening" in the Glockenbach sense of the word, more old school. The neighbourhood has a lot of history, also for me personally. My boys go to school on Türkenstr, where I get my early morning coffee fix at Pavesi after dropping them off. Late afternoons, we play basketball at the ridiculously small court on the Pinakothek lawn, which is also a great hangout on sunny weekends. And you don't know Munich until you've dined on Jimmy's "Garibaldi Bar" porch on a summer evening. Also, Philip Stolte's league-leading "Harvest" shop is right around the corner. So you see, the neighborhood is worth a visit. 

SV: How long have you lived in Munich and brought you there?
Niels Jäger: I was born in Munich's one and only Olympiadorf and then spent the better part of primary school in New York. My parents wanted to stay, but my sisters and I persuaded them to go back. It's great to visit NYC, but Munich is home sweet home. 

SV: What does Munich mean to you?
Niels Jäger: This town is a comfy nest. Big enough to find new inspiration. Small enough to regularly bump into old friends. I think Munich is like an island, it has its own set of rules and is quite idyllic. All we need now is an ocean!

SV: What are your plans for the weekend?
Niels Jäger: Breakfast with the family. Read the paper. Play basketball. Say waddup at the Bob Beaman door. Watch way too many HBO series. Maybe hit one of the surrounding lakes. "Weltspiegel" and fall asleep on the couch.

SV: Can you pitch us a couple of links we should know about?
Niels Jäger: A love "letter" to NYC streetball. A tase of SMILE at BOB. Hate it or love it.

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