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Igor Pavlov

February 7, 2012

The young Russian photographer displays his love for 70s fashion and the Wild West

  • Text by Kristina Voytovich

"In Moscow, there are a lot of people, traffic jams, migrant workers and expensive coffee," introduces the young Moscow-based photographer Igor Pavlov. "But there are also a lot of models coming from Russia and former Soviet Union countries, so we can always find some interesting faces." With a unique insight into the modeling and fashion industry, Igor's approach is to try and work outside of the norm, with a spontaneous energy not confined by the industry.

Satellite Voices: How and when did you decide to become a photographer?
Igor Pavlov:
I was not young, when I bought my first mirror camera and discover my passion. I like shooting and seeing the difference between what the eyes perceive and the picture gives. Then, like everyone else, I took pictures of basically everything and worked a lot with musicians. A few years later I realised that I am into fashion and modeling business. It’s quite a great feeling to shoot beautiful people, and the genre itself is quite extensive - from reportage to landscape.

SV: What is  like to be a fashion photographer in Moscow?
Igor Pavlov:
I don’t work in fashion as it is, because I work mostly with model agencies. If there are interesting projects, I prefer shooting for myself without any kind of dependence from anyone. Sometimes I shoot for magazines but this rarely happens as the fashion industry in Moscow is a circle of people hanging out with each other. This is not my thing.

SV: What do you do for advertising agencies?
Igor Pavlov: I make the model tests. I shoot aspiring models in order to show their works for interested agencies. I try to not only show their beautiful faces but discover their potential as models.

SV: What brought you to Moscow? Do you have favorite areas?
Igor Pavlov:
I was born and grew up here. I like living in Moscow but there are several areas I like the most: South East, Stalin's skyscrapers and my work place.

SV: Tell us about your personal projects, particularly about Vesperus Lumen.
Igor Pavlov:
Vesperus Lumen is a pure improvisation. In fact, only two days before the shooting a stylist suggested me to take part in it. Then I called a make-up artist and found interesting models. In the end, everyone has done their job perfectly! But usually ideas come up spontaneously. I used to have a child's perfectionism. It's when you want to make bright and original stories in pictures. Now I am more interested in creating the looks referred to particular time periods and trends. In other words: I just want to make various beautiful pictures.

SV: What is your dream project?
Igor Pavlov:
I don’t have obsessive dream projects. I like fashion in the 1970s, John Galliano’s works and the Wild West with their strange habits to photograph women with guns. My main dream is to have enough time to realise everything that is interesting to me.

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