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AWOTT's Volk-8

October 17, 2012

The Russian psychedelic and experimental punk band release their latest epic

  • Text by Kristina Voytovich

Renowed for their controversial lo-fi, free-psych-noise costume-dramas, experimental punk band AWOTT (stream the record via their Bandcamp) released their new album "Volk-8" last month. Satellite Voices wanted to find out more about the band, the new record and what went down on their US tour and caught up with AWOTT's Muscovite trio Kapyushoniha, Ded and Dyad.

Satellite Voices: Tell us how and when you decided to start the band? 
AWOTT: The band was founded in 2007 on the eve of International Women's Day. That day a man rang a woman and said: “Congratulations! I want to give you a gift - a rock band represented by myself”. We decided to call it Asian Women on the Telephone". East is the beginning of all things, the place where the sun rises. A woman is like a hole, and a hole is like the telephone tube, through which sound goes through. It goes in and out. After all, if there were no holes, vaginas, then there would be no phones, TV or internet. Everything is based on the holes through which all information goes through. Our Asian woman is a physiological telephonist. Moreover, we love women in general and just adore to watch them.

SV: Tell us about Volk-8? What was your source of inspiration?
You know, the albums, we already have eight, are like children, and children are like wolves. They are your own blood but are still wild. This album seems as if it unsteadily came to us from the deep forest at dawn, a wounded wolf. And we accepted it, cured it, and released it back into the forest.

SV: Who works on your stage costumes?
 We do. We buy the materials and start making them using wire and duct tape. Well, who else could it be? We might say that Elisabetta Franchini makes our costumes, but this is not true.

SV: Do you feel part of the Moscow music scene?
It would be cool to get together and have a few drinks with all the Moscow-based musicians. Maybe we would find someone with whom we could talk to. We recently hung out with the band IHNABTB and talked about that but we didn’t completely understand each other. I do not know why. Personally, I think it's all about the genitals that make us distant from each other. It doesn’t matter if the genitals are female or male. Oh, and the genitals sometimes force us to create false unions that hold on to the wrong glue of semen and sweat, which is easily washed off with water.

SV: How was the tour across the United States? 
AWOTT: First of all, we understood that people also live out there. But they are not like us, they are more responsible and not afraid to say, "Hello". Another reason is that this nation was the first to understand that the sandwich is the best form of food. They are just great guys. The agriculture is thriving, the tractors work fast and feed the whole country. It's all organic in the States. Maybe your wife can sell her milk to an organic supermarket. Good whole milk. The only negative side is that they drink too much coffee and eat a lot of chips that causes gastritis and bad moods.

SV: What is the most beautiful sound in the world?
My heart stops beating when I hear a train arriving. I live near the station called Los. therefore there are such moments at breakfast when I just freeze with a sip of coffee in my mouth and my thoughts carry me far away to the places I do not know. That is just me. I also remember the sound of melting icebergs that was mesmerizing. This is how mother earth had once thawed.
Ded: The sounds of the mill running calms me down. In those moments, I feel that everything is going according to plan, as usual. I mean that the production processes construct the reality and you feel that everything is under the control of a human. After all, I am a master, and the master must be honoured. A handy man is the third gender. The others are a biological waste.
Dyad: I love to hear the rustle of a woman's skirt on a quiet night.

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