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Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club

July 11, 2012

DJ and producer Kirill Sergeev chops up house and disco on his MPC

  • Text by Satellite Voices

Guest Feature by Maria Patsyuk

Living between two capitals of Russia – Saint Petersburg and Moscow, Kirill Sergeev as Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club cuts up old soul, disco and funk into little pieces, reconstructing an experimenta; new vision of house and disco with a hip hop approach on his MPC. A regular guest of the acclaimed Solyanka club in Moscow and Saint Petersburg's Dom Byta, since 2011, he's already released on Teardrop (DE), Tusk Wax (UK), Shanti (RU), Snuff Trax (RU), Conservation Dept (USA), Whiskey Disco (USA/France) and What's In The Box (RU) with remixes from Lovebirds, Vincenzo, Leaves aka Iron Curtis, Mario Basanov.

We spoke with Kirill before his upcoming live perfomance on July 27 at Moscow's Stariki Bar.

Satellite Voices: Tell about the SPDSC Live crew?
Kirill Sergeev: I’ve been playing in a band for around nine years, and I was so tired of bands when I started SPDSC as a solo project and I made the conclusion never to play live sets. But last summer the Dom Beat crew kindly asked me to perform some kind-of-live versions of my tracks so I gathered my Saint P friends to play, and it rocked. Some months later, the S-11 Crew invited me to play live at Solyanka Club and I decided to take my Moscow friends Leonid Lipelis, Sergey Lipsky (Simple Symmetry) and Alexand Lestyukhin (Eat My Beat Mr. Lenski). I was looking for rhythmic section and Sergey advised me to hit up Grisha (On-The-Go drummer) and Anton Lymarev (Black Lenin, Lymarev & Ericona duo) on bass. It was brilliant show and Solyanka was full of crazy dancers. Then Yana Blinder, Grisha's girlfriend came by chance and without any rehearsals, sang so well with us. Now all of them are SPDSC Live.

SV: Last year you constantly moved back and forth between Saint Petersburg and Moscow. Is there any contrast between the two cities?
Kirill Sergeev: The city is about the people you know there. About several years ago I was not fond of Moscow, it was not for me, but now, it’s my second love. I really love Solyanka and the Denis Simachev Bar, however Saint Petersburg is my home, and Moscow is a bit fast and big for me. I’m really enjoying my situation of living in Saint P and monthly trips to Moscow.

SV: What is the current state of Russian electronic music? Have we something original to show or are we only attempting to catch foreign musical trendsetters?
Kirill Sergeev: This is the most important question I’m asking myself these days too. Our electronic stage is growing and for the last year we have many breakthrough names. Foreign labels are ready to release our guys and even Juno Plus once wrote about the Russian invasion. This true, but it is a worldwide thing, and I don’t think we have a particular sound yet and we are all often looking to The West.

SV: You’ve just started your own label Beats Delivery (on July 9, the label released its first EP). What's the story?
Kirill Sergeev: We are going to release only Russian artists, trying to make some kind of meeting point for all our forces. This is for the previous question, I think we are trying to find a new Russian sound. Many new Russian labels are coming out these days: What’s In The Box, Godzilla Kebab... I’m really happy with this situation, we are appearing on the world map, and that’s the aim.

SV: If you could move anywhere in the world, where would you moved and why?
Kirill Sergeev: “Stand in the place where you live,” said Michael Stipe. I would stay home, I mean I love my country and my city, despite of all the fucking bad things here. I like this air, and some people from here most of all. The only thing I want is to travel a lot. However if there has to be one place, Berlin is my love!

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