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Both Hermetic

March 19, 2012

Evgenij Kostkove's noise grunge and his collaborations with Hobo Cult Records and the American DIY doom musician Pink Reason

  • Text by Kristina Voytovich

The Moscow-based project Both Hermetic is the creation of Evgenij Kostkove, renowned for night performances in the Catholic churches accompanied by noise grunge chants. His marginal and experimental music and lo-fi videos serve as some kind of protest against the accepted standards in the industry but always remain an attempt to better understand himself and the world around. Last year, Evgenij created a cassette together with Hobo Cult Records and this year he works on a new musical project alongside Ivan Shpak and the cult US lo-fi punk musician Kevin Debroux aka Pink Reason. 

Satellite Voices: Have your music and your attitude changed over your career? 
Evgenij Kostkove: It has not dramatically changed. But the level of immersion into the material has been changed. I'm not interested in being a simple esthete. Therefore, the notional vector is prevailing now. It is important for me to understand myself through my music. This is some kind of proteism. It all began with the literary imitation when I was in high school. A word, a phonetic poetry, which essentially is the music, always was the most important for me. Now I am bringing up and throwing the classical, jazz and punk musicians together. We get here a great communicative synthesis. 

SV: What inspires you?
Evgenij Kostkove:
I've always been interested in any kind of a breakdown, a nerve, a conflict situation in which a person is involved and his actions in this sutuation, his "reflections". At this moment, one of my most important inspirations is a culture of the Russian Cossacks.
Ivan Shpak: By disconnecting from a sense of inspiration, breaking a mediator between the primary source and myself, blocking this hysterical emotion, I have gained a skill to accumulate a motivation to an action. This is a very thin, sharp instrument, which I cultivate my conscious with. I am always ready to do something for what I can answer.

SV: If your life was a movie, what would the soundtrack be?
Evgenij Kostkove: Alexei Khvostenko “Svet prolyotsya nad Zemlei” ("Light Will be Shed Over the Earth").
Ivan Shpak: Henry Purcell "Fantazia for four viols in G minor, Z.735".

SV: Are you interested in what is happening on the Russian music scene? 
Evgenij Kostkove: Everyone who I was interested in either is dead, or painfully fades.
Ivan Shpak: I am not really interested in the Russian modern music scene. But there are certainly the people deserving the attention.

SV: What are you working on right now?
Evgenij Kostkove & Ivan Shpak:
We are trying to create an institution, generate the processes and people united by a similar valence. In the long term, this is a kind of Alma Mater where everyone can come. On an everyday basis, we are writing a new material, working together with Kevin Debroux (Pink Reason), preparing a new video. Everything will be much clearer soon.

Photo by Alexei Taruts

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