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Moa Pillar

March 14, 2012

The young Russian post rock musician introduces his new collaborative project

  • Text by Kristina Voytovich

Moa Pillar's 2011 "The East Harbour EP" was a great introduction to the young Russian musician's interweaved style of post rock and abstract hip hop. He's currently working on a new record and live collaborative project with a collective of local musicians and friends including Savva Rozanov (Synecdoche Montauk),  + + +, and Sava Shestakov (Save, She). "The new LP is called "Roraima"," introduces Moa Pillar. "The name is taken from one of the mountains (tepui) situated at the junction of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana. In the Pemon language the word 'Tepui' means 'House of the Gods', and 'Roraima' - 'mother of all waters'. The album mood would be more correct to express with the title of Claude Levi-Strauss's book 'Sad Tropics'."

Satellite Voices: What's the stody behind your name?
Moa Pillar: My current nickname replaced Fediny shtuki (Fedya’s things) and combines several elements. It was chosen due to an analogy with the word 'things'. 'Moa' is a name, 'Pillar' is the part of the phrase, 'Pillars of Creation'.

SV: Do you have any musical predictions for 2012?
Moa Pillar:
I only hope that this year will be popular with good music.

SV: Do you consider yourself a part of the Moscow music movement? 
Moa Pillar:
If you mean by the 'scene' something that forms you, I am certainly not.

SV: What Russian musicians do you recommend checking out?
Moa Pillar: I advise you to listen to Original Fools. Although, it is only a half-Russian project, consisting of our Albert Damscray and Shanghai's Charlie Didjelirium. 

SV: What is the most beautiful sound in the world?
Moa Pillar:
Each sound is beautiful. You just need to be able to see this beauty.

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