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March 12, 2012

The veteran Russian electronic maestros follow up their releases on Tirk, Om Records and Kitsune with a simmering new record and live show

  • Text by Kemal Tarba

D-Pulse is an electronic band formed by Anton Kochnev (bass), Klim Sukhanov (vocals, keyboards), Pavel Shutov (guitar) and Simon Perevoshchikov (programming). The group was formed back in school, and the first album came out when the musicians were only 16-years-old. In recent years, D-Pulse were released on local labels Pro-Tez and Theomatic, British label Tirk / Nang, American label Om Records, as well as featuring on the compilation Kitsuné x Ponystep and Late Night Sessions (along with tracks from Caribou, Bibio, Gold Panda). In 2011, the legendary Island Records / Universal released their remix of the English rock musician Paul Weller's, "The Starlite". D-Pulse are currently working on a new album, experimenting with vocals, vintage synths and video collaborations...

Satellite Voices: What does making music mean to you?
Klim: We just started it one day. Now there is at least one thing having sense in between of walking, sleeping, talking and socialising. I guess it’s more like a way of thinking. 
Anton: Actually, it's a nerdy type of thinking: creating a nonexistent substance by catching vibrations in your mind and recreating them with acoustic waveforms, using hardware, sometimes allowing machines to add some randomness to your initial idea. 

SV: Is making music all you ever wanted to do?
Klim: There is a temptation to quote Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence" we'll refrain from the lyrics here...

SV: What do you have coming up that you're excited about?
Klim: We can't wait to our new live show premiere...
Anton: And always exited about tweaking new gear while working on a new album.  

SV: What is your favourite sound?
Klim: We had a gig in Petrozavodsk and we were amazed by the absolute natural silence near the lakeside hotel there. Silence is the new luxury. Enjoy the silence!
Anton: Or a guitar with wah-wah. We haven't decided yet.

Photos by Alexey Onatsko

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