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February 9, 2012

Introducing the Russian band playing the music of complicated lovers

  • Text by Kristina Voytovich

Tinavie is the Moscow-based band that has recently releaed their second album "Hidden Places". Each track from the album represents its own mysterious story made up out different sounds, melodies and instruments. Satellite Voices talkes to Tina and Dima Zilpert about the album and band's most memorable moments. 

Satellite Voices: How and when did you found the band?
Tinavie was not founded but rather occurred. I wrote the songs and sang them to my friends and performed only once in 2008, in Moscow under the pseudonym Tinavie. But I could not even think about that in less then a year Tinavie would turn into the group of five people.

SV: What’s the story behind its name?
Dima Zilpert: This is Tina who came up with the name, and she still does not tell us what it means. I like the interpretation where "Tinavie" is divided into two words - Tina and vie (life). We get something like, the life of Tina.

SV: How could you describe your music?
 We have already been marked as a lounge, trip-hop, ambient, nu-jazz, avant-pop, and downtempo band. But it's not there. We simply do beautiful music without any style limits. Tinavie is a very eclectic group. After recording the second album, we decided that if we choose to define our style, it will be indie-pop.

Dima Zilpert: I think Tinavie’s music can’t be fully describe with the term indie-pop because our music is not frivolous. But we do like pop music becuse you are absolutely not limited by the choice of stylistic means and methods there. The band members came from different genres, so we mix up all these sounds in different proportions.

Tina: Our friend came up with the definition: 'Tinavie is the music of complicated lovers.' We think it perfectly describes what we do. There is a romantic mood but nothing is so simple as it seems.

SV: Tell us about your second album Hidden Places?
Dima Zilpert: When we started recording the second album, we decided to find a new sound. We experimented a lot with styles, arrangements, instruments, and sound in general. In contrast to our first album "Augenblick" that was recorded within a few days. 

SV: How do find living and working in Moscow?
Dima Zilpert: There are a lot of talented and creative musicians around us. I hope this is a proof that the Moscow music environment is quite lively. Although, sometimes it is difficult to get rid of the feeling of isolation and insularity of space. 

SV: Do you have dream collaboration projects?
Tina: I really like what Sunsay and his band do. It would be very interesting to do something together. It would also be also cool to sing with Fink or Feist.

SV: What’s the most memorable story related to the band?
Dima Zilpert: Last year we were in Ukraine. When we came to Kiev after the concert in Kharkov, we found out that we had no place to stay because the town was full of tourists. In addition, there was a heavy rainfall that day, the arch in front of the club was completely flooded with water. We didn’t expect anything good from the concert but the club was full, and everything went excellent in the end. And we also found a place to sleep. A friend of a friend gave us the keys from the yoga club, and we slept on the yoga mats in the gym. Our keyboard player Dima Losev even went to a yoga class while the rest members of the band were sleeping. It is funny to remember all our adventures and how we were worried about it. I think this trip united us a lot.

Photos by Dmitry Donskoy

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