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Shampoo Voyagers

November 17, 2011

There's 8 hours and 8500 kilometres between this haunting Russian duo

  • Text by Kemal Tarba

Shampoo Voyagers is kind of like a more hardcore, colder, bleaker Postal Service. In a good way, of course. A musical project uniting a duo who live at either ends of Russia, a distance of 8,500 kilometers and a staggering eight hours time difference. Maxim Ananyev and Nikita Moor live in Khabarovsk and Moscow respectively creating haunting music by sending drafts to each other via the internet. Step-by-step sketches transformed into complete tracks...

Satellite Voices: How did everything get started?
Shampoo Voyagers:
Accidentally, like the most of ideas. We knew each other for several years, both are related to the music sphere. Once we decided to write a track together. We didn't stop and at the beginning of past summer all this became Shampoo Voyagers.

SV: What is the story behind your name?
Shampoo Voyagers:
We Googled it and found that there is no such word combination. The name is unique, this is important. Also, our music is closely associated with distances, movement and travelling. That fragments that we send to each other pass huge distances from west to east and backwards. Like flying soap bubbles. And each of us looks on them from his own side, and each supplements them in accordance with his own ideas of how it should look in the issue.

SV: What do you think about writing music separately?
Shampoo Voyagers:
Such things as understanding and the ability to compare drafts of each other are very important. In this case, working together is really efficient because the results are more balanced and conscious.

SV: How could you describe the style of the project?
Shampoo Voyagers:
Well, the most of our tracks could be considered as downtempo. Basically, Shampoo Voyagers is a downtempo project. We like jazz, it has an influence on us, definitely. We are also interested in future garage and a rise of such sound against the annoying mainstream dubstep. We don't limit ourselves to one thing.

SV: What are you working on right now? What are your future goals?
Shampoo Voyagers:
We launched our project half a year ago and now actively work on our stuff. Focusing on ideas realisation and on perfecting our sound. As for the future there will definitely be a lot of interesting and wonderful things.

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