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Egor Kurdello

March 27, 2012

Satellite Voices speaks to celebrated fashion photographer and a filmmaker about a short art-movie which he co-directed with Dmitriy Loginov for the Arsenicum brand

  • Text by Kemal Tarba

Arsenicum – the fashion brand by Russian designer Dmitry Loginov releases a new short video, inspired by work of Hitchkok and Arafonski. The video entitled "HitchYork. Part – 2. Birds" explores the issues of white/black antagonism relating it to the nature of a woman, a diva, full of drama… Satellite Voices caught up with the film co-director, a fashion photographer and a director Egor Kurdello, who splits his time between Moscow and Barcelona directing and shooting.

Satellite Voices: So what makes this video special?
Egor Kurdello: This video is about relations of good and evil, love and hate. We are trying to show that the only way to exist is to adopt all this inside yourself and also – outside. You can't see the light of a candle in front of the Sun, to see it – you should bring a candle into a dark room. So does each of human beings: to find the superior in yourself you have to summon the darkness on your head.

There is the endless secret world hidden inside of us (often it's dark and bloody) and we have to let it free. But – anyway – all this is just a theatre, a play, we all do acting. And we are also trying to show this in our mini-film. This is why I was not showing the blood as a blood, it's just a red color, a symbol. I combined two types of shooting: very sliding and 'torn'. It helped me to create an atmosphere of tension inside the piece, drama inside the beauty. 

SV: Tell us about your experience of working with Dmitry Loginov…
Egor Kurdello: Each collection of Dmitry Loginov is much more than just a line of ordinary dress, it always deals with the deepest passions hidden deep within. Each of his show is a real play where any detail is at the right place and means something! Dmitry has got a very clear vision of the piece in whole, he's got an absolute feeling of the style in everything. When we were editing this video, he often had preferred to throw into the bin some excellent material if it hadn't worked for the main concept. Dmitry Loginov is a master in everything he does! And he always goes beyond the conventional, trying to create the way out to some other reality, that's great! 

SV: Is there any relationship between fashion and drama?
Egor Kurdello: Certainly, yes! Many people don’t respect how much any dress means in their life. Almost the ones, who say, 'I don’t care at all about the way I look and what I do wear!' This is also the way of telling the world their philosophy of living, it's also a sign! You know, fashion deals with the outward, but really tells much more about the internal then the way people speak and almost behave themselves. Devil is hidden in details and fashion is such a screaming detail about a person, about the time, age…
So, fashion is a very direct way to tell something to the audience. And fashion, instead of movies, literature, music, deals with very clear and basement aspects of our being, it speaks the language of the structure, like plays of Shakespeare. 

SV: What's next?
Egor Kurdello: I have to shoot a short-meter film in Spain, Barcelona this spring and also I'm working on two TV films, one of them is an international project, with Spanish co-production (I'm looking for a French co-producer). Partly, it deals with the world of fashion, too. And it also speaks about the recognition of your real essence. We show this in a very hard action, how people loose themselves when getting in touch with big money and power. Hope to see Dmitry Loginov as an art director at this project.

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