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Anton Sazonov meets Sonya Karpunina

January 11, 2012

The OpenSpace.ru curator, writer and guest columnist talks to the inspired up-and-coming film director

  • Text by Kemal Tarba

Guest feature by Anton Sazonov, writer, columnist and curator of student short film festival "Koroche" at OpenSpace.ru. 

Sonya is a graduate of the directing department from Russian State University of Cinematography n.a. S. Gerasimov (VGIK), the workshop of Sergey Solovyov and Valeriy Rubinchik. As a student she wrote the script "Odnoklassniki", which immediately was filmed by her teacher Soloviev. In the beginning of last year Karpunina’s fiction short film won main prize at Emir Kusturica’s festival "Küstendorf". At the end of 2011 the young director started her project of the full-length movie with working title, "All is Simple". 

Anton Sazonov: Not many students get an opportunity to shoot a movie after finishing film school. How did you get to do it?
Sonya Karpunina: I really wanted to make films. Besides I was sure I would have made a film anyway. If I wouldn’t find money, I would take Canon 7D, invite friends and shoot movie for five thousand dollars. The main thing was that I had the script and the wish. If you really want something, you should never stop. 

Anton Sazonov: What is this movie about?
Sonya Karpunina: It’s probably about me. It’s a summary of a certain period of my life. After the shooting I feel now I have started a completely new stage. I feel I’m not the same. This movie for me is like growing up. I also think of "All is Simple" as of my degree work. I learned a lot from making it. So my next film will be real debut. Some time ago at VGIK a full-length movie would be considered as a degree work. For example "Dobro pozhalovat, ili postoronnim vkhod vospreshchyon" is a final work of Elen Klimov. It was apparently the best time in VGIK. 

Anton Sazonov: Is Sergey Solovyov related to "All Is Simple"?
Sonya Karpunina: I wrote the first version of the script when I was at the third year of university. Solovyov liked it. He even thought about shooting it. But I didn’t give him the script. As about film set — Solovyov didn’t visit it. And he didn’t read the script that I had rewritten together with Klim Shipenko. Why? Because I had finished my studies at VGIK. But I will invite Sergey to the premier for sure. It is essential for me to know his opinion about my finished film. At the same time it is a very personal movie, I don’t want to get any comment on it before I complete it. 

Anton Sazonov: When is the movie going to be released?
Sonya Karpunina: "All is Simple" is being edited now. It will be done by this summer. To be more precisely — for the "Kinotavr" film festival. It’s up to producers to decide when it is going be released in movie theatres. It might happen in autumn, or maybe by the end of the year.

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