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Community: Andrey Nikolaev

December 21, 2011

Introducing the Russian video-maker dreaming of surrealistic streams

  • Text by Kristina Voytovich

Andrey Nikolaev is a Moscow-based filmmaker renowned for breathtakingly beautiful and stylish short videos who also experiments with photography and music.

Satellite Voices: Tell us about yourself?
Andrey Nikolaev: I don't remember exactly when I started. I have a feeling that I always did it. I've not asked myself about the future since I became interested in arts at 10-years-old. I started with drawing and ended up as you can see like this.

SV: Do you have a dream project?
Andrey Nikolaev: My dream project is short streams of surrealism filled with the atmosphere. I think such kind of projects would be perfect for a fashion industry. I have lots of ideas in my head.

SV: What do you like more - taking pictures or making videos?
Andrey Nikolaev: The last time I have taken pictures while I was already an operator, I wanted to see a movement, but repeteadly stopped myself remembering that this was just a photo. Pictures have their own advantages. They can adorn the reality and take the best from it. It's harder to make the same with the video because it's more realistic.

SV: What inspires you?
Andrey Nikolaev: I am inspired by the space and quantum physics. It is read like science fiction, but it's true and therefore it is frightening. Perhaps, I am inspired by the fear of the space and quantum physics. I am inspired by the works of Director Martin De Thurah with his operator Kasper Tuxen. Plus, I adore Bruno Aveyani's works but it's not a fair play. He makes perfect beauty. Unfortunately, lots of people copy him. Probably, using glass refraction seems like the key. Before then, people were into slow-motion effect but it's expensive.

SV: How do you find working in Moscow?
Andrey Nikolaev: It's great to work in Moscow. I'm not sure that my videos would be needed in some small town, so I am lucky to be born here. I appreciate its size and diversity of job offers and projects. But I hate the weather. Now during the day it can be as dark as the white nights in St. Petersburg. A grey sky is the worst weather for shooting. Unfortunately, this weather is a frequent guest in the Moscow sky.

SV: What do you think of the creative community in Moscow?
Andrey Nikolaev: The creative community in Moscow is vast. So many talented young people are gathered here. But unfortunately, most of them are going to leave Russia because they have to face the remains of the Soviet Union approach. For example, when a client asks to do shitty work and it is not in the beginning but in the end of the project, when you can not aleady quit. And you can't say no because it's a client. Moreover, there are people who thrive on the trustful, young, creative minds under the pretext of helping them with the portfolios and making them famous. Among the other things, it is quite popular not to pay for the work at all. Although, the same things take place abroad, we just have not heard of it. I'm not lucrative, many people who write to me, and if I like, I offer them to make a video for free.

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