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Dmitriy Gienko

October 21, 2011

A local spotlight on the Moscow video-maker and his new music video Tinavie

  • Text by Kristina Voytovich

Dmitriy Gienko started with making backstage videos and teasers for Instyle magazine where he works as an art director. Last week he presented his latest project, a new music video called "Tinavie - Chance". Satellite Voices talked to Dmitriy about his experience and future plans.   

Satellite Voices: When  did you decide to make videos?
Dmitriy Gienko: When I was 12-years-old, I used to put on my headphones, listen to music and imagine with shut eyes a music video made by me. I had hundreds of videos in my head. But I didn't have technical possibilities to realise at least part of these ideas. In 1999, I make my first 20-minute film “Silentium”. I made it on a VHS-camera and edited using two videorecorders. That looked more like video art than a feature movie, although I felt as I was a movie director.

SV: Tell us about your plans?
Dmitriy Gienko:  I recently decided to try to make my childhood dreams come true and create a music video. Now I am in the process of editing two videos. As I am doing everything by myself, the work goes very slow. But it's ok, because I would like to feel every moment of video creation process. I want to keep making music videos. I am ready to try myself in advertising. But it's really important for me to be interested in what I advertise.

SV: Which kind of videos makes you smile?
Dmitriy Gienko:
It can be any video - naïve, touching, unexpected, sweet. But it definitely shouldn't be vulgar.

SV: When do you understand that the work is finished?
Dmitriy Gienko:
Never. I always want to add something. Therefore, I need to set deadlines in order not to spoil everything. 

SV: What is your dream project?
Dmitriy Gienko:
To create the film that will make a spectator at first cry, and then laugh. This is not a desire to manipulate people's emotions and minds. This is a desire to express what I feel. To express the way that it will find a response.

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