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Natali Grigorieva

January 23, 2012

Introducing the editor-in-chief of Digital Inspiration magazine

  • Text by Kristina Voytovich

Natali Grigorieva is the editor-in-chief of Digital Inspiration magazine that she launched about six months ago. This magazine is her personal project through which she wants to express her vision of style, give a chance to the talented Russian photographers, stylists and fashion designers to show their works to a wide public, and enlighten all important fashion events happening in Moscow.

Satellite Voices: How did you come up with an idea to create Digital Inspiration?
Natali Grigorieva
: The idea to create an online magazine that reflects my personal style vision came to me a long time ago. But I always did not have enough time to make it happen. However, there are some wonderful moments in life when you understand that you cannot postpone it anymore, and you need to start doing it right here and right now. I noticed a long time ago that a lot of people talk about fashion but they forget, that it is created for ordinary people with their dreams, ambitions, secrets and values. I always wondered what they are like the people who create fashion, write about it or are interested in it. We want to show how they look or what they create, and that fashion is not the most important thing in their lives. They are all different. 

Our magazine is trying to show the underside, which is inaccessible for the public’s eyes. We want not just to show beautiful people but to tell little stories about them. Because I believe that style is what we are inside. The way how we show it, is a total different question.

SV: What's the main idea behind the magazine?
Natali Grigorieva:
Our motto “Created to inspire” runs through everything we do. We want to inspire people. We can see how the people, whose works are published in our magazine, are becoming happy. We see how the people we photograph are illuminated with our ideas, and we understand that we move in the right direction.

SV: What makes an online magazine successful?
Natali Grigorieva:
To work on any online project is really hard. The most important element is high quality and exclusive content. You need to show to people the material they cannot see elsewhere, or make it very differently. In addition, an online magazine is not just a website, it is impossible to put all the existing fashion news in. That’s why we do all the photos and interviews ourselves. And, of course, you can’t become successful without a competent PR-strategy.

SV: What Russian fashion designers do you recommend on checking out?
Natali Grigorieva:
I would recommend on checking out such new Russian brands as Osome2Some, I AM and Cats Production and Ulyana Sergeenko. Ulyana is a fairly well-known but she is just a novice as a fashion designer. I would give her a straight A for bringing her style to the masses. 

SV: What are your future plans?
Natali Grigorieva:
Our plans are ambitious. Why should we disclose them in the very beginning? The only thing I can say is that one day we will have a printed version. It will differ  from what we are doing now but the idea of ​​inspiration will remain. We are planning to change our design and content. There will be new sections and guest editors' columns.

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