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Andrey Yarden

January 12, 2012

We speak to the bespoke young jeweller and favourite of CocoRosie and Rick Genest

  • Text by Kemal Tarba

Andrey Yarden is a one-to-watch, 25-year-old jewellery artist, born in the north of the Irkutsk region. At the age of 17 he moved to Moscow, where in 2008 graduated from Moscow State Institute of Steel and Alloys. In 2009, he founded the Andrey Yarden brand and currently, Andrey is organising a full-fledged production of accessories and jewellery, among the owners and appreciators of which there are Bianca Casady from CocoRosie and Rick Genest. Andrey plans to expand his activities from accessories production to shows, designing ballet costumes and shooting videos...

Satellite Voices: What do you think makes Andrey Yarden jewellery special?
Andrey Yarden: Since I started doing it all, I realised one very important thing in the world today. The ideology of mass market plays the key role. I saw reaction of a girl who sees someone in the same shoes or the same dress. Imagine now what would have happened to her, seeing someone with same jewellery. All this adds yet more value to the issue of individuality, no matter what the budget is, if the item is created specifically for somebody and there is confidence in its uniqueness – it becomes a priceless moment. This, I think, is the main point. In a relatively short time I have made about 500 unique items, almost all of them have found their unique owners. Partly it all depends on the wide range of materials I use: from glass pieces collected on the coasts of Kamchatka, to the silver medallions I brought from Venezuela. 

SV: What do you enjoy most about what you do?
Andrey Yarden: In this whole story a very crucial role is played by an image. I cannot always fully express myself within the limits of created object, so each time I’m waiting for the finale, which is shooting. With regard to the object shooting - I do it myself, because it provides me opportunity to surround the subject with that atmosphere, colours and forms, which I thought about while working on the item. And of course - fashion shootings. My jewellery was used in many projects by stylists and photographers, and if their feelings match mine, that becomes immediately obvious from the picture – and I feel very delighted. I am very interested in how the item, which was born in my head, continues its life in reality. And it’s always fun to observe it. 

SV: What is on the top of your wish-list?
Andrey Yarden: For a year I lived in St. Petersburg. During this time Cartier opened their three-storey store located in a mansion on the city center’s embankment. And it was a whole huge and beautiful house! Every time passing by, I felt an unexplainable thrilling. In general, I can clearly see how the house of my jewellery will look like, a sort of house of wonders. 

SV: Top tips to have a great winter?
Andrey Yarden: Fall in love…

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