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Community: Margaret Z

November 18, 2011

A local spotlight on the Moscow-based fashion blogger who is not afraid to tell the truth

  • Text by Kristina Voytovich

Margaret Z is a talented young journalist studying at the Moscow State University. But she is already a well-known blogger who knows the Russian fashion industry inside out. Satellite Voices talks to Margaret about her blog Blanc and the insanity of the industry.
Satellite Voices: Why have you decided to become a blogger? What's the story behind its name? 
Margaret Z: Russian media is used to abstaining from giving direct assessments about anything. Online and glossy magazines tell us only where the fashion show took place, what fabric a designer used and what served him as an inspiration, but we would not know if it was a good or bad show. I wanted to create the resource where an opinion would be in its core. I try to be as objective as possible without putting forward my tastes. I like minimalism but I will not write that Prada is bad, because Prada is definitely cool.

The choice of the blog name - Blanc (in French, "white, plain") - was a personal desicion. Me and my friend Veronica, we always liked simplicity and pithiness, so we decided to create a blog together. Now she is helping me a lot with collages. Our blog is not just about fashion, it's rather about the taste in general. It is often said that Russians like an "embelishment" - feathers, fur and rhinestones. But we personally have always admired the things that seemed the simplest at first glance.

SV: Is it hard to be a blogger?
Margaret Z: During fashion weeks it is not easy. One of the advantages of blogs is their efficiency because the more people are involved in the publishing process, the longer it lasts. When you're alone, you can do everything as quickly as possible. But there are also some disadvantages. This is you who is going to all these shows, then writing texts, editing photos and video. But I don't like delaying the work till the next day, as it becomes less vivid. Plus, I am a student. Once, I finished my work on the blog at eight in the morning during Seasons&Cycles. Then, I found out I couldn't go to sleep, as there was a really important test at the univesity. I had to keep working.

SV: What do you think of the Russian fashion industry?
Margaret Z: I think it's not so bad as people believe. For example, everybody likes criticising designers for copying. I think it's normal when a designer while he is young looks up at well-known brands. If he chooses good examples, it means that the designer has a taste and in future he may become a great designer with a unique style. I respect a number of Russian designers but my favourite ones are Vika Gazinskaya, Russlan Bezous and Nina Donis. Speaking of young designers, I would mention the Ruban sisters and Artur Lomakin. Moreover, there are such cool people like the Cycles & Seasons by MasterCard organisers who provide a great opportunity for young designers to present their collections in front of the large audience.

SV: What are your future plans?
Margaret Z: I have lots of different projects on my mind right now. Now I am working hard on one of them. Moscow is an inspiring city where you want to do something, to create. And to leave it, as one friend of mine said, is more than old-fashioned.

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