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Anna Nistratova of the Flacon Design-Factory

February 22, 2012

Part 1: Satellite Voices talks to the art curator of the iconic Russian institution about the future of Moscow's creative movement

  • Text by Kristina Voytovich

Anna Nistratova came to the Flacon Design-Factory for the first time when her creative bureau Brand Extension was looking for a venue for a unique show by a blind photographer. This led to multiple Nistratova and Flacon projects, and in April 2011, a full merger was made with Anna Nistratova overseeing the art of one of the most progressive and iconic creative spaces in Moscow.

Satellite Voices: Tell us about Flacon Design-Factory? What makes it different from other creative spaces in Moscow?
Anna Nistratova:
Flacon is a cultural and entertainment business center because more than 130 companies are located here. Basically, there are the representatives of creative industries, and many of them produce their own content and organise their own events. Our goal is to manage public spaces and events, and the local community. We don’t do modern art and do not consider ourselves as an art space. Although, we held various exhibitions and we will in the future, but it's not our priority. We specialise on short-term events. We are more interested in street and public art, and in the experiments with the public space transformation.

The main difference is that some kind of community was formed here because Flacon is created through the efforts of many people who work, rent the offices, and come here with their projects. You can find absolutely any creative structure at Flacon - from architectural offices to school of performance and children's workshops. Therefore, when you get here, you just can not avoid the collaborations.

SV: What do you do at Flacon?
Anna Nistratova:
 I call myself an art curator because this definition is more appropriate for what is happening at Flacon. I track all the cultural events that we hold, all the people who come to us. I talk to the artists and representatives of different creative communities.

SV: What are you planning to do at Flacon this year?
Anna Nistratova: We will continue our street art program. We, together with Sabina Chagina and her gallery Street Kit, are going to organise the Flow Masters festival that will consist of a series of educational and entertaining events. We want to bring musicians and several Russian and foreign artists that will paint several buildings at the Flacon area and, hopefully, in the city.

In addition, we have plans on planting of greenary because we are located at the heart of an industrial district. Of course, the bare asphalt is not very interesting and attractive. We have just opened our winter park Gerda with an ice skating rink and a warm sphere. Then, this summer, swimming pool, volleyball court, playground for street ball and, probably, other things for active pastime will be available again. We are looking for partners for this matter. In short, we are going to do everything connected with public spaces and activities. In addition, we want to open our own wood, metal, and glass workshops. Are we a Design-Factory or not? 

Images: BANKA Spaces Ideas, Olympia Orlova, Anna Nistratova, Artyom Goloschapov, Ksenia Kolesnikova, Lev Maslov

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