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Dina Popova

February 14, 2012

Introducing the multi-talented Russian with the faith to set her country on an eco-friendly path

  • Text by Kristina Voytovich

Dina Popova spent several years searching for her medium - she was a journalist, artist, fashion designer, event planner and even a teacher. Not fully satisfied with any one single form of expression, she launced herself through an array of creative categories. At this moment she is driven by an eco-friendly philosophy and lifestyle, planning to launch her new Organica Magazine and to organise the first Ethical Fest in Russia.

Satellite Voices:  What brought you to Moscow?
Dina Popova: Quite unexpectedly I moved to Moscow about 5 years ago. Originally I was going to study at the Institute of Cinema and Television in St. Petersburg because I was very interested in photography, film and directing at that time. But, by chance, I found myself in one of the most promising design studios in Moscow, and my motion vector has been slightly changed in the direction of design and illustration.

SV: How did you come up with the ecological direction?
Dina Popova: Once, during a trip to the mountains a real insight happened to me - the nature literally spoke to me. This event dramatically changed my life. I realised that no matter what I was going to do next, all this will be saturated with love and consciousness to the world that surrounds me. That is what caused the changes in my lifestyle, way of thinking, and nutrition. The idea of​​creating Organica Magazine and Ethical Fest actually is a natural desire to share this state with the others.

It's not a secret that the environmental trends that became the norm in Western countries a long time ago gradually start finding its reflection in the Russian reality. The places with ecological food, products, and organic cosmetics are being opened. The eco-friendly brands appear. Organica Magazine and Ethical Fest are some kind of an assemblage point, which should unite together everyone who is interested and facilitate the transition from an unconscious consumption to a conscious choice.

SV: Do you have any favorite eco places in Moscow?
Dina Popova:
 Now there are not many places where you can both have a good time, and try healthy and delicious food. If there are such places, they either are overloaded by an esoteric mood, or have the questionable prices and atmosphere. So, one of my ideas is to create a place where people can not only get the necessary information, spend a great time and try good food but also be able to feel free without being constrained with excessive rules and morals.

SV: How did you come up with the idea of Organica Magazine?
Dina Popova:
 I decided to create “Organica Magazine” after the magazine Animal Stamp has been closed down. I haven't thought of a particular format or launching date so far. I just collect the information and form its conceptual vision. I have recently found two magazines on the Internet corresponding to my own vision - Club Donny and The Plant Journal. If you look at them, you will see what Organica Magazine will be about –  nature as a lifestyle in the urban environment and not so urban one. Right now Organica lives on tumblr and me and my friend from the project Print-o-holic to do everything possible so that in the future we can hold Organica in our hands.

SV: Tell us about the Ethical Fest.
Dina Popova:
 The idea for Ethical Fest came into my head during a time when I was thinking a lot about ecological trends. A colleague of mine from 4vegan.ru asked me to organise an event for an International Vegan Day that is celebrated worldwide on November 1st, but as soon as I started to form its conception it became clear that it was not going to be a small-size event. I even had to return to Moscow from Thailand where I have been living for the last 9 months. Now a team of professionals is working on it and I have already gotten a bunch of positive offers and responses. I hope the festival will be held in Moscow and probably in St.Petersburg this spring or summer.

Image credits: Roman Noven, Mashhe, Dina Popova

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