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Daria K opens at MSK Eastside Gallery

June 21, 2012

Tonight sees the launch of a new east Moscow gallery representing emerging Russian talent

  • Text by Terence Teh

This evening sees the opening of the new gallery MSK Eastside Gallery representing young, emerging multi-media artists from Russia and abroad with the goal to support and promote talent who may not have had the chance to be showcased in Moscow previous. Launching the gallery is Daria K, a 22-year-old painter from the small town of Skopin, Russia.Bold, colourful works that are equally dark and reflect the genuine experiences of her youthful existence.

Ahead of this evening's opening we get a sneak peak into the show and speak to MSK Gallerists Mariana and Madina Gogova and Wildrik Batjes and from curators Ja'bagh and Zak Kaghado.

Satellite Voices: Can you tell us about MSK Eastside and it’s place within the cultural landscape of the city?
MSK Eastside Gallery: We are a new venue in Moscow central's eastside neighbourhood of Baumanskaya which is part of Moscow's historical landscape which is currently in renovation. In the past, the area was famous for its red light district atmosphere. MSK Eastside is housed in a 200 sqm, third floor loft of the infamous Proekt Fabrika, which is an art factory combining music, theatre and cinema. We believe in developing this part of the city as it is still unexposed.

SV: Moscow’s creative hubs seems like something very unique to the city - can you tell us more?
MSK Eastside Gallery: As old as Moscow city is, everything seems new in a way. There are a lot of efforts from different persons and establishments that are really working hard such as the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Garage CCC, the Multi Media Art Museum and other commercial art establishments. Just recently, four of the biggest galleries closed-shop creating a void in the gallery scene. But our objectives are a bit different from the current gallery scenario where mostly the focus is on well-know developed artists rather then the new ones. We are kinda going back to the roots of what an art gallery was.

SV: What is the ethos of MSK Eastside?
MSK Eastside Gallery: The DNA of MSK Eastside is really about "new artist development" in a twisted way... As the whole world is changing dynamically, Russia is part of this global puzzle and is also in a big change process, psychologically, economically, spiritually and culturally. Such changes create a revolution and expression, so we strive to seek these new talents that remain in the shadows due to many factors. Just to be clear this is not a charity project, even though we will be holding some charity objectives, this is a commercial contemporary art gallery.

SV: Can you introduce Daria K and what made you introduce your gallery with this artist?
MSK Eastside Gallery: She believes that "creativity is not only a direct reflection, but it is life itself", its from that the curators decide to title the show "From The Depth". At the age of 15, Daria jumped off the train platform and a speeding train struck her, and from there her long months of hospitalisation began. An operation on her skull, broken bones, stitches, observing and conversations with old and dying people as they have become her new neighbours and friends. At that moment life seemed to put everything in perspective, it showed her where pain, suffering, loneliness, old age, patience and boundless desire to live all co-exist.

SV: How would you currently describe the young art scene in Moscow? What are their ideals and goals and artwork themes?
MSK Eastside Gallery: Actually, it's quite diverse, their are some new trends and street art is one of them. We are currently feeling it all out. As our curators work on producing and curating major exhibitions at the Moscow Museum of Modern, they are also observing its youth following, they are aware of what is out there, but they are also looking 180 degrees in the other direction to find and develop something outstanding and new, which is not given enough attention. 

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