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March 13, 2012

A local spotlight on the Roy Lichtenstein-inspired graffiti artist going large

  • Text by Kristina Voytovich

Stepan Krasnov aka 310 started doing graffiti in the late 90s, when he still was in high school, kickstarted by an article in local magazine, Ptuch. Inspired by the Pop Art maestro Roy Lichtenstein alongside cultural Pop Art iconography, 310 is an active artist both on the streets of Moscow (as well as Berlin, Amsterdam, Seville, Paris and more) and in galleries worldwide, gaining infamy for his large-scale whole building takeovers and the prolific nature of what was once a collective (under the same name 310) and now as a solo artist.

SV: What the story behind your name?
310: Over time painting in the streets, I changed between several names. A name is not as important for me as a form or content, although the nature of graffiti is reduced to a formula - no name, no fame. 310 is the name of the creative team, which existed throughout the early 2000s. Now it is more of a solo project.

SV: Why were you attracted to Pop Art?
A raster dot in an enlarged view simulates a giant press and is a key element in my "Pop Art" series. The process itself becomes a hand print, and it looks like a complex element for the viewer. The basic idea was to create a series of works where elements from the world of art would be used instead of the traditional writing style.

SV: What was your most challenging project?
Sometimes there are the difficult people with whom I work.
SV: Do you have a dream city spot for art?
The main advantage of painting in the streets is that I can do it anywhere. There are no curators or gallerists, although there is the police. But it’s quite easy to fix eveything up with them in Moscow. During the night the street is my workshop, during the day my gallery is.

SV: Is there a street art community in Moscow?
Yes, of course, such community exists but it is more a club of interests for the egocentrics than an actively interacting mechanism. Regarding the Moscow graffiti community, I feel like an outsider.

SV: What do you like the most about the age you live in?
 The global communication and rapid access to information.

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