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Mansoor Bhatti

May 12, 2011

A photographer's love affair with women and fairy tales

  • Text by Simone Sebastian

Creative people in Dubai are often juggling their commercial days and their creative nights. Mansoor Bhatti is one such person - he is a Creative Director at an ad agency by day, and a photographer/filmmaker/musician by night. We’ve recently become enamoured with his intimate portraits of wide-eyed beautiful women, and thought we’d catch up with the man to find out what drives him to get behind the camera.

Satellite Voices: We have to ask, are women at the heart of your art?
Mansoor Bhatti:
This is actually true. I think women are more interesting subjects than men in-front of the camera. There is more room to draw for a women in my mind, in-terms of style, makeup, wardrobe and the shapes. I have lived my younger life mostly around men. Be my family, schools or friends and I think this could be one more reason that I find women more interesting.

SV: Do you generally shoot friends and family or do you cast strangers?
Mansoor Bhatti:
I actually started shooting friends. The interesting people around me, then some strangers I'd find on streets and ask them if they'd like to be photographed. But most of the time it's friends and occasionally professional models.

SV: You juggle your personal work with a job in advertising - have you done any advertising photography?
Mansoor Bhatti:
I enjoy working late, I love working hard and creating new things. There are times when just I can't sleep. And I believe that sleeping is a big waste of time and I'd rather use that time to create something new. Yes, I have done some ad photography but not fashion. I have done some ad films for Apple and Puma recently.

SV: We're intrigued by the "Lollipops" series, which features faceless figures behind bold typography. What is the concept behind that series?
Mansoor Bhatti:
I watch a lot of fairytale movies. In fact there is one that I am working on Called "A Walk Into the Delphesis". For me lollipops are very much like fairytale characters. I can see them dancing to a music box tune as that is their way tell their world about aggression. Like a siren. They have been living in my head and I had to get them out with a name. So, "Lollipops".

SV: What are you working on next?
Mansoor Bhatti:
I am currently working on a few projects including a feature film which will take about five years to complete. Apart from that I am shooting "Like A Man" with some women next week. Also a story in a motel room...

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