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Inside/Out: Isidora Bojovic

February 22, 2012

The Serbia-born and Dubai-based photographer talks about city inspirations

  • Text by Kate Hazell

Dubai-based fashion and all-round photographer Isidora Bojovic is leading the field with her versatile and creative talent. She shares some of her work exclusively with Satellite Voices.

Satellite Voices: What to you do a) during the day and b) during the night?
Isidora Bojovic: During the week I spend most of my time running around and shooting, editing photos, answering emails, arranging meetings... basically taking over a massive one man show role. It gets quite tiring sometimes, but I still do enjoy the hectic pace. As I tend to finish as much work as I can whilst in the office, I usually have evenings free for myself. Quite often I really enjoy committing my free time to personal projects. It fills up my creative batteries.

SV: Where in Dubai do you live and how does this part of town inspire you?
Isidora Bojovic: I live in Marina. I actually really enjoy the fact that I can walk or cycle, rather then using a car all the time. Inspiration wise though, I always preferred the other end or old part of Dubai. It's more authentic and shows off more of the local culture.

SV: What does Dubai mean to you?
Isidora Bojovic: It's a place where I have temporarily settled down with a cool pace of life and work, where I've met a couple of my precious friends for life, all from completely different parts of the world. It's a great spot to travel both East and West from, place where you meet the most amazing people in even more random ways and venues, it's a city with a thick artificial surface, but impressive hidden heart.

SV: What projects have you got lined up? What are you working on at the moment? 
Isidora Bojovic: Together with another colleague photographer, I've just finished shooting for Harpers Bazaar Arabia's "Best Dressed". The next big one lined up is a London based yearbook of lifestyle portraits, featuring the top 100 faces in the UK jewellery industry. Apart from commissioned work, I'm currently finishing my personal project called "Celestial Beauty" which I'll be looking for exhibiting somewhere in a close future.

SV: Can you talk about the best creative youth cultures in Dubai? And what does Dubai do to support these in a special way?
Isidora Bojovic: I don't really consider myself quite relevant to discuss creative youth in Dubai. I've only been here for less then three years and only scratched the surface of the Dubai's art scene in general. From what I've seen, there are some fantastic young talents with very unique styles. There is also a great initiative to expend and bring up the entire creative scene to another level. The only shame that I've come across is that it seems the art and creative scene was always slightly shadowed by the well known glamorous and fashionable Dubai lifestyle. And actually they even blend and mix with each other in a very strange way... I could never quite understand that peculiar process, but somehow it obviously works.

SV: What are your plans for the weekend? 
Isidora Bojovic: For the last couple of months I've tried to have a nice chilled day on the beach... I think I might finally do that this Friday. A lazy day on the beach followed by a sunset picnic, and a good party night out. Then semi-productive Saturday with a few last touch ups for my project, and afternoon meeting with an amazing art director from a very interesting photography gallery. 

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