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June 13, 2011

A local spotlight on the bass loving producer in the midst of a hopeful young electronic scene

  • Text by Simone Sebastian

Essarai is part of a budding (read : tiny) scene inhabited by young people who make electronic sonic weirdness. In any other part of the world this would be commonplace, but this is a city that isn’t generally a fan of weirdness. Satellite Voices sat with the producer and blogger to find out what creative influences have helped shaped him as an artist today.

Satellite Voices: What makes you smile?
There are way too many to list, however I will say that my favourite kind of smiles are the ones you can't help. I love when I find myself smiling uncontrollably and can't even recall what it is I'm smiling about, to me that's genuine happiness.

SV: What was the first thing you ever made?
Essarai: Ever? Must have been some kind of lego space craft or something, I was a big time Lego nerd as a kid. But If you're talking about what I'm trying to do now then I guess it was a track called "Hypnagogia". I don't really let anyone listen to it anymore on account of me pretty much hating the way it sounds.

SV: What’s your dream project?
I don't think I'd love anything more than to do anything musically inclined with my best friends, we all have similar thoughts and we're all doing our own things in life but at some point I'd like for it all to come together some how. Vague I know but isn't that what dreams are like most of the time anyway? I'm a sporadic sort of thinker thanks to the ADD-inducing world of the internet so my ideas change all the time. But to share something awesome with my best mates, that's not such a tall order I'd say. 

SV: What do you wish you had written / created?
Just off the top of my head, I guess it'd be rad to have created something as notorious and epic as Berghain. I also hate to think about the asshole who invented the 'Pet Rock' back in the 70s and how he probably got rich off it… Why didn't I think of that!? 

SV: Whose work / art / music would you recommend on checking out?
These are some of my favuorite labels in music at the moment: Night Slugs, Swamp81, Hotflush Recordings, Hessle Audio,  and AUS. Go through their back catalogues, there's plenty. 

I'm also a fan of what people are doing here in Dubai, I like that because of the sparsity of producers and DJs and the relatively small size of each scene that there is so much cross pollination going on. That's my understated shout out to you all, I tend to try and support anything that comes out of here that I like pretty actively I think. Oh and if you don't know who Moodymann is, do yourself a favour. 

SV: How do you describe your work?
Always in progress… I'm pretty new to making music, I tend to think of this whole stage right now as a learning phase. I'm trying to gather as much knowledge and as many techniques as my brain will absorb - to be honest I don't think of my 'work' as work at all yet. I'm just having fun, there's no pressure, no rush, no urgency to be famous or make it or something like that. At the moment I've got two sort of categorisations, if you will, for the sounds I like to work with. The stuff I want to do as Essarai is "bass driven dancefloor 12" type stuff". The other sound is somewhat of a secret for now. 

Photography by Unkle Kay

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