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MC Jibberish

March 14, 2012

One of the city's brightest musical lights speaks to Satellite Voices about his new mixtape Low Light Conditions

  • Text by Simone Sebastian

The last few days have been feverish for Jibberish. The young Sri-Lankan musician (who has called Dubai home for the past decade) has been working day and night to finish off his first hip hop mixtape and now finally, "drowned in cigarette smoke and exhaustion", he is ready to share his rhymes with the internet. We speak to the wordsmith ahead of the launch of “Low Light Conditions” which features new productions from the MC and other local hip hop heads. 

Satellite Voices: What's the story behind the name of the mixtape? 
Jibberish: If you’re a night person then you’ll know where I’m coming from. After getting into negotiations with my record label six months ago, I began working on music seriously again. I used to trip down to JLT (Ed note: a high-rise development in Dubai) after work on the metro or by car and just record tracks at random. Over time I looked back at what I was making and realised how it all seemed to fit the night time ambience I was working with. The words ‘low light conditions’ just entered my thoughts and hung around looking for a purpose. 
Later on my friend Soulphonic, whose production is on this mixtape, took note of the work I was putting in and suggested I put the material out as a mixtape. And that’s how it got the name.

SV: Do you have a favourite track?
Jibberish: You know what? It keeps changing. And now that I’m hearing the final mixes, its like I’m hearing them all for the first time. There’s a track called "Skynet" that I really like. I had to get into a certain frame of mind to write that. I watched movies like "Ghost In The Shell", "Appleseed", "Terminator" and looked at conceptual art and stuff; all just to juice up the mind. And then delivering it in the booth was a different thing all together. We took three different takes on separate days and finally settled on this one. Fun fact: Soulphonic made the beat around two years ago, and his title for it was "Remington Steel".

SV: Are there plans for an EP or full length album release?
Jibberish: Definitely have to do a full length album, but I only want it to come out when I know I have a sizable following. In the meantime you can expect a small EP from me within a few months inshallah. Right now its all under wraps though.

"Low Light Conditions" will be available for download today on jibberishmusic.com

Photography by Razan K. Karim

Wall art by UBIK  

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