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Music Video Premiere: Wriggly Scott

November 22, 2011

An exclusive premiere of the celebrated Dubai producer's video for Hierarchy/Anarchy

  • Text by Simone Sebastian

Dubai-based Wriggly Scott (aka DJ Solo) has been on a bit of a production frenzy recently – releasing one new track every month until his next EP drops in early 2012. This month the producer sends us an ominous video for a track entitled "Hierarchy/Anarchy", built mostly out of stock footage and YouTube videos. Intrigued by the dark nature of the video, we decided to sit with Wriggly and music video director Ghayyan Al Amine to delve a little deeper behind the scenes. 

Satellite Voices: Tell us about your songwriting process - do you work on numerous tracks or do you like to focus on one track at a time? 
Wriggly Scott: I'm usually working on multiple tracks especially during the initial stages of production, I can't really approach a track with a set idea in mind and usually just experiment with what I have at hand. Once pieces are more developed then I do try to focus on one, but I think it's important to take breaks and listen to other music to 'refresh' your ears. It's like that sorbet they give you between courses in fancy restaurants.

SV: "Hierarchy/Anarchy" has some dark undertones - what were you particularly inspired by when you were producing the track?
Wriggly Scott: The track was really driven by the vocal sample which is from a 60s Garage band. The vocal can have many interpretations but it made me imagine a creator (whoever or whatever that is) essentially saying "I won't hurt you, but instead allow you to hurt yourselves and learn from that." I was then intrigued by the idea that potentially thousands of years from now, alien beings attemptng to piece together our history would go through surviving audio and video material - only to find that we had wasted everything due to greed and selfish desires. We actually hint at this idea in the video for track - playing things backwards as if it's being rewound and viewed.

SV: How did your collaboration for the music video come about? 
Wriggly Scott: Ghayyan and I are friends and have performed together before (Ghayyan also DJs under the alias Heavy G). I didn't realise he was a filmmaker until I came across a video he had done for an Oh No track in a Stones Throw competition. I really like the almost psychedelic vibe to the piece, so asked him if he would be up for the collaboration.

SV: Ghayyan, what was Wriggly's initial brief when he first approached you to do the video?
Ghayyan Al Amine: Wriggly wanted me to bring the same kind of style to this video that I had brought to the two others he had seen, we bounced around a few ideas and visual concepts, but otherwise Wriggly basically gave me the green light to let my imagination loose!

SV: The video is mostly made up of stock footage and YouTube vides of everything from nature documentaries to political and religious broadcasts. Was there any material you were hesitant to include?
Ghayyan Al Amine: Most of the shots I used without hesitation because they seemed to fit perfectly. As religion is a very delicate subject in the Middle East, I hesitated momentarily before using the images that highlighted religious fanaticism, then I decided it would be playing it safe to keep it out. [Fanatacism] is an integral part of what is wrong with the world today, because of its power to intimidate.

Download "Hierarchy/Anarchy" and its b-side "Cattle Fodder" here

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