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October 5, 2011

Featuring the first picks from our user submissions On Air series, the DJ and promoter behind Dubai's Loaded and See You Next Tuesday parties

  • Text by Terence Teh

Andy Buchan represents the city's party scene with both his Loaded night ("It's ostensibly a club night dictated by the term Just Good Music so the last event had everything from Chuck Berry to early 90s Prodigy on the playlist.") and deeper house, disco and electro jam, See You Next Tuesday and is Sheikh approved.

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Satellite Voices: What's your favourite top 3 clubs / parties in Dubai?
Andy Buchan: I'm biased as I run my own events, but Loaded is the monthly indie night I co-run with Simon Allen every last Friday of the month at Casa Latina. Elsewhere, Trilogy is putting on some great nights - they've brought over guys like Todd Terje, Carl Craig, 2ManyDJs in the last few months, and it's always got a good atmosphere, with people (shock, horror!) there to get sweaty and dance. And finally, it's got to be 360 - consistently good music, from soulfuric house on Thursdays, to Friday's journey from sunset funk to chunky deep house and then the new Eclectic Circle on Saturdays which plays everything from Northern Soul to nu-disco.

SV: What was the last thing you listened too?
Andy Buchan: The new Beirut album, "The Rip Tide". I've had to stop listening to it as it was on a burn-out trajectory. It just gets better with every listen, and it's got this 19th Century feel to it (which sounds odd, but really works) - baroque and roll at its best.

SV: What's next on your playlist?
Andy Buchan: Lots of re-edited disco. We're re-launching See You Next Tuesday at Republique on Tuesday October 18, and our playlist is going to feature lots of indie and electro, but also lots of sleazy, sunshine disco.

SV: How would you describe the music scene in Dubai?
Andy Buchan: Growing, and slowly evolving. We don't have a great live music scene thanks to licensing headaches and costs, but there are some great local bands who play regularly at Cheers at Chi and the Music Room, and we have people like Sir Paul McCartney and Metallica coming out soon, which you'd be hard pressed to complain about.

And to anyone who says the club scene here is stale, go and check out some of these nights: funk, hip hop and bass music (Deep Crates @ Casa Latina, Dust @ Trilogy), indie nights (Loaded @ Casa Latina), leftfield house nights (audio tonic @ 360, House Arrest @ Catwalk), drum and bass (Dub Antics @ Catwalk, Catapult @ Catwalk, Globalfunk @ Nasimi). What it's missing is a home for alternative music, an iBO or an Alpha where you know you're getting something good and something different every time, but hopefully that'll come.

SV: Which are the best independent record stores in the city?
Andy Buchan: As far as I know, there's only one and that's Ohm Records, but they're more of an events company these days. Vinyl might have had a resurgence in recent months, but that aside, music shopping is far better over the net - check out emusic.com for a huge, up-to-date selection.

SV: What one song represents Dubai to you?
Andy Buchan: I've been um'ing and ah'ing about this, and nothing really sums up Dubai - it's beyond musical summation! So, resorting to iTunes, and my most played list and the winner is Bon Iver and "Blood Bank", which is as good as any.

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