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Inside/Out: Kristy Anne Ligones

April 28, 2011

The Dubai-based graphic designer aka KDLIG is inspired by surrealism, graffiti and low brow art

  • Text by Kate Hazell

Kristy Anne Ligones has only been in Dubai for a year, yet her pop surrealism aesthetic has got the Dubai art scene peering in. Satellite Voices speaks to the talented young artist about her city inspirations.

Satellite Voices: How long have you been in Dubai? What brought you here?
Kirsty Anne Ligones: A year and two months already. A friend of mine who's a graphic designer for a publication company here, told me that a creative director was looking for an in-house illustrator for their ad agency. I answered the call, so here I am.
SV: What makes you smile?
Kirsty Anne Ligones: Cute and cuddly animals, even those I can't cuddle but still cute, I'm a sucker for these beasts.
SV: What was the first thing you ever made?
Kirsty Anne Ligones: If you're referring to when I first got here, it was a horse's face and butt.

SV: What’s your dream project?
Kirsty Anne Ligones: To be able to create an awesome graphic novel that would totally kick ass, from the the story to the sick and wicked illustrations. I've been writing and sketching ideas for now, hope this goes well.
SV: What do you wish you had written / created?
Kirsty Anne Ligones: I wished i had written some songs and created some awesome music, I'm a frustrated musician, I play guitar but didn't really made it as my chosen career. It was a choice between visual and music, I dropped the chords and picked the strokes. 

SV: Who’s work / art / music would you recommend checking out?
Kirsty Anne Ligones: Noush Like Sploosh, she's very experimental with her music. I like music that is much different from the mainstream.

SV: How do you describe your work? 
Kirsty Anne Ligones: My work is categorized as pop surrealism, I started liking the works of Salvador Dali and Frida Kahlo during my early college years, then I was introduce to modern / pop / urban art, where pop-surrealist artists emerged. I instantly admire them for they enjoy what they're doing and they're like kids trapped in grown-up bodies, just like me. I like my works to be entertaining, at the same time there's a sense to it, reflecting reality by showing it in a very different way, which is my own, and leaving the viewer to figure it all out what's behind it, and I like challenging people that way.
SV: Do you have any exhibitions/displays/exciting projects coming up?
Kirsty Anne Ligones: I'm currently making a lot more paintings during my spare time, and might be creating some shirt designs and digital prints soon for the up coming ME Comicon, as soon as they've decided when the final date will be, and hopefully be on board with the up coming Urban art exhibits like FAKIE and MEGA here in Dubai.

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