Blondey McCoy

ProjectsDazed 100

Stocked in Slam City and Supreme, the 18-year-old makes experimental skatewear straight from the streets of London


Akeem Smith

ProjectsDazed 100

The ‘enigma wrapped in a riddle and cash’ shaping the aesthetics of Hood By Air, Yeezy and more

Art Baby Gallery Dazed 100

Art Baby Gallery

ProjectsDazed 100

The New York-based girl gang on going from URL to IRL this year, and championing the underrepresented talents of the art world


Ethan James Green

ProjectsDazed 100

Looking beyond the binary and photographing what makes NYC special, meet the ex-model celebrating shifting attitudes towards gender


Sol Goss

ProjectsDazed 100

For someone who never dreamed of being a model, the Brit is one of the most in-demand faces of the moment

Reba Maybury Dazed100

Reba Maybury

ProjectsDazed 100

Meet the groundbreaking, sex-positive publisher exploring the fetishes the mainstream wouldn’t dare to touch

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