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We don't need to tell you that blogs have been exploding in the past few years, growing in numbers, in influence and in quality. The Dazed Digital team alone read 300 blogs and on a day to day basis, we're constantly checking out, bookmarking and subscribing to new ones. So, last year we decided to get our blog-lovin' habits out there officially and in association/collaboration with G-Star, we presented our first ever Dazed Raw Blog Awards.

The open nomination period allowed participants to nominate their own blogs as well as recommendations for others’ blogs, as long as they were simply browse-worthy. Whilst we wanted to feature blogs dedicated to heartclogging fast food, we decided to restrict our blog categories to mirror the Dazed Digital categories; Fashion, Music, Photography and Arts & Culture.

With live blogging from Bread & Butter, Lichting and the G-Star RAW Rhythm Festival, G-Star and Dazed got together to cover every worthy blog out there. Winning bloggers for fashion were Jak and Jil, run by fashion paparazzi Tommy Ton who was featured as part of Dazed’s Young Creative Entrepreneurs portfolio was also awarded with a trip to New York during fashion week. In Photoraphy was Sexy People whilst Music was German-based Aufgemischt, and Arts & Culture was Abduzeedo’s Fabio Sasso.

Dazed & G-Star together shortlisted 15 blogs from each category which were all put forward for a public vote. The winner of each category was featured in the Dazed October issue and also received £500 worth of G-Star products.

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