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Trump: ‘I think it’s embarrassing for the country to allow protesters’

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Trump hates the resistance – he’s trashed Black Lives Matter, called NFL players who kneeled during the national anthem ‘sons of bitches’, and of course loathes the free press. Now, he’s suggested that protesting should be made illegal.

In an interview with Conservative news outlet the Daily Caller, Trump addressed the protest that met Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh as he arrived at Capitol Hill. As the Washington Post reports, 70 people were arrested after they heckled at the hearing. 

Speaking from the Oval Office, Trump said: “I don’t know why they don’t take care of a situation like that. I think it’s embarrassing for the country to allow protesters. You don’t even know what side the protesters are on.”

“In the old days, we used to throw them out. Today, I guess they just keep screaming.”

Trump has previously grumbled about protests like the huge demonstration against his UK visit in London, which saw a 20-foot tall blimp of the president as an angry baby fly over the day. He denied that the planned protests curbed any intentions to visit the capital, but said the baby balloon was “unwelcoming”. Across his 2016 presidential campaign, he called for attendees at his rallies to bring violence against any demonstrators that interrupted the proceedings.