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A new study says right-wing people are hotter than liberals

Do we only care about people because we’re ugly?

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but a new survey suggests that if you’re looking at a sexy person they’re probably right wing.

In a finding sure to devastate our fellow liberal lefty snowflakes, researchers in the US found that the attractiveness of a person can correlate with their political beliefs. The study looks exclusively at Democrats and Republicans.

They compared a range of factors and concluded that good-looking people are treated so nicely and have fewer hurdles in the social world that they develop a “blind spot” and find it harder to empathise with the hardship of others.

“Attractiveness matters. When we are treated differently we begin to perceive the world differently,” author Rolfe Daus Peterson told The Guardian. “Research shows good-looking people tend to get on better in life because people interact with them differently.”

Peterson and his colleagues then linked the findings with other studies that found a link between the level of attractiveness and opportunity – so they’re so hot, they earn more money and get better jobs. Researchers say this leads them to see the world as a fair place, making them more likely to embrace individualism and reject left-wing policies like welfare and identify as a Democrat.

Peterson added: “Controlling for socioeconomic status, we found that more attractive individuals are more likely to report higher levels of political efficacy, identify as conservative and identify as Republican.”

But, we’re not totally convinced. There are loads of people who have, or had, a lot going for them and are Democrats. Such as young Joe Biden who went viral when Twitter discovered some vintage photos, Obama who spawned the viral video “Crush on Obama” and whose recent vacation pictures are a sight to behold. 

According to this study, the more left you on the political spectrum the more unattractive people would become but then how do they explain young Stalin, who quite clearly looks a bit like Zayn Malik and was a communist?