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People are donating to shark charities to upset Donald Trump

And it’s probably going to work, isn’t it, really

Sharks got a really fucking bad rep after Jaws was released. In one fell swoop that film took out the entire public image of the shark community, stoking fear in beach-goers for years to come. Seemingly overnight, we went from seeing sharks as dangerous but chill creatures who just want to be left to their business to thinking they’re terrifying monsters who are out for our blood at any cost. Since then everyone’s been putting their best bloody efforts into improving that image, but all it’s really taken for sharks to get their big break is for big despised baby Donald Trump’s hatred of them to be made public.

In a 5,000-word interview with InTouch last week, adult film actress Stormy Daniels revealed a lot of things, but the thing that’s had the most impact so far is her revelation that DT just... really fucking hates sharks. He’s tweeted about them before, ominously claiming that “they will be around long after we’re gone” (long after he incites a nuclear war, anyway) and that sharks are last on his list – but only after “the haters and the losers of the World!”. However, Daniels’ interview revealed just how deep that hatred runs.

She stated that Trump said “I donate to all these charities and I would never donate to any charity that helps sharks” adding: “I hope all sharks die”. Daniels also said that Trump was “riveted” and “obsessed” to the point of it being weird. And this is an adult man. A grown adult man. When my auntie saw Jaws she didn’t go to the beach for years, but she was a child. She’s over it now, I reckon, but big lad Donald Trump, the president of the United States, is so scared of sharks that it actually consumes his time day-to-day. He is presumably so busy thinking about sharks that he can’t even do his job properly.

But while Trump won’t donate to shark charities personally, he’s inspired a lot of other people to do so who mightn’t have otherwise. Shark conservation groups have noticed a ton of new donations since the interview was released, one bearing the message “Because Trump”. Atlantic White Shark Conservancy chief executive officer Cynthia Wilgren told MarketWatch: “we have been receiving donations in Trump's name since the story was published” and noted that it can be a challenge to “raise money for a species that most people fear”. Someone even adopted a 13-foot shark in the name of Donald J Trump, and UK-based shark conservation charities have noticed a boost in their donations.

If pettiness is what it takes to save the sharks, I am extremely all for it. For additional research, here is a reenactment of Trump talking about how much he hates sharks.