Tory campaigners joke about ‘gassing chavs’ in group chat

A leaked thread of WhatsApp messages shows members of a Conservative youth group discuss ‘chavocide’ and ‘shooting peasants’

A leaked thread of WhatsApp messages shows members of a Conservative youth group discuss ‘chavocide’ and ‘shooting peasants’

A series of repugnant messages leaked from a Whatsapp group used by members of a new Tory youth group details discussion about “gassing chavs” and “shooting peasants”.

Guido Fawkes, the site that published the leaked chats, reports that the chat was a “precursor” to the newly establish Activate group, where Tory campaigners spoke about plans to engage young people in Conservative politics. Activate is basically the Tory version of Momentum, the left-wing Labour organisation. It didn’t have the best start either, and was trashed over and over for its awkward, reptile-in-skin-suits overusage of memes and hashtags.

The group chat sees one user describe an upcoming event as a “fine opportunity to observe the spice homo chav”, while another responds “and gas them all”. The first writes back about running medical experiments on people, while another replies: “we could use them as substitutes for animals when testing”. The group disturbingly likens poor people to vermin, while one who engages in the convo adds it was turning into a “Nazi chat”.

Gross “solutions” floated for challenging “chavs” include “chavocide”,  “shooting peasants”, “compulsory birth control” and “turn the Isle of Wight into a super prison”.

The discussion stops when one user says “we don’t take the mickey out of the poor”, and another threatens to eject those responsible from the chat.

“This is supposed to be a professional discussion board about how we coordinate for the next election. It is not a place to gossip or make rather silly jokes,” one member says.  Ironically, one warns that the chat could get leaked to Guido Fawkes.

An Activate spokesperson said in a statement: “None of the people included in those messages currently have any seniority with the organisation. We are working on ensuring that the people in question are removed from the group as a whole, if still members. They were banned from the WhatsApp group in question when comments like this were made.

“The comments were sickening and are totally incompatible with what Activate is trying to achieve. We apologise for any offence that has been caused by the people in question. And stress our commitment to open discussion about the future of our party and country.”

The Conservative party has asserted that Activate is in no way affiliated with the party.

A stratospherically awful, classist posho attempt at getting down with the kids has failed.