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Lou Doillon: United Generations

When Lou met the Winny the Pooh...

Lou Doillon has made a name for herself for her illustrious family – daughter of Jane Birkin, sister of Charlotte Gainsbourg, her devoted party-hopping, and her many career attempts, ranging from model to actress and fashion designer. Today, the Jane-of-all-trade is adding yet another string to her couture bow: she is now a photographer. Her first ever, solo show is opening next week at Galerie W in Montmartre, Paris. It consists of a two-day trip the socialite made to Disneyland Paris, armed with two Lomo cameras. There, she gayly clicked away at children, kissing teenagers, and blasé indie kids rubbing shoulders with Donald Duck&Co. Neither cynical nor documentary-like, the girl shoots happy photos filled with happy people, in an even happier weather. Disneyland becomes a Technicolor promised land, like a meeting of Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Cobrasnake on their way to Never Never Land. The title of the show, a poke at Benetton’s idealistic motto surely, suggests that, similarly, we are one under the reign of Mighty Mickey.

Is is far-fetched for the socialite to now turn to photography? Not that much, after all, it runs in the family: her elder sister Kate Barry is a photographer, both her father Jacques Doillon and her uncle Andrew Birkin are film-makers, and her sister Charlotte is an actress, bien sur. Plus, Lou has been fascinated with images ever since she was a child: she starting taking pictures when she was very young, and also assisted to several film shoots of her parents and siblings. And Disney? Lou confesses to have a crush on Stitch (the character, not the sewing technique): “I have a soft spot for Stitch…he has this punky side to him, plus he is slightly insane. And he is extremely funny.” What more to ask? But, the gallery assured us, this is in no way a permanent career move for the young woman: she intends on remaining an actress. Pfew.

“United Generations” by Lou Doillon runs until July 27, at Galerie W, 44 rue Lepic, 75018 Paris, +331 42 54 80 24