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Photo by Virginia Parrott

Younger Than I'll Be

Skye Parrott curates her new photography exhibition as part of BAMart

Juggling roles as the creative director of Dossier Magazine and her own photography ventures, Skye Parrott has fused all her talents as a curator for the photography exhibition 'Younger Than I'll Be' which runs until May 23rd. Opening at BAMart in Brooklyn, New York, the show consists of works from Kids director Larry Clark, to fashion photographer Nan Goldin and Marcelo Gomes. Dazed Digital speak to Parrott about what to expect...

Dazed Digital: So the show you've just curated is about when you were growing up in New York? Do you think it's a completely different place to grow up now or do you see the similarities still?

Skye Parrott: At the opening last night this 17 year-old girl came up to me and told me she's in high school and she takes pictures. She had read my curatorial statement and said that I perfectly described what growing up in NY feels like. If you asked me before yesterday, I would have said it was probably a completely different experience these days, because to me it feel like such a different city, but I guess I was wrong.

DD: How did you pick the photographers involved?
Skye Parrott: Some of them I knew from the beginning I would pick just because their work is so core to my experience of New York: Nan Goldin, who I worked for, has influenced my work so much that I couldn't imagine doing the show without her, Saul Leiter, my mother's work. On top of that, I had a number of specific images in mind, such as Cass Bird's flashers on the FDR, Larry Clark's Kids stills, Robert Longo's Men in the Cities, and so I reached out to those people and their galleries. And beyond that, I had a number of other photographers, some younger, some more established, whose work I just feel really strongly about and who I thought really were important within the context of the show. It ended up being an incredibly disparate line-up, but I think that made it really interesting. It was a lot of people who you wouldn't necessarily expect to see shown together.

DD: Any favourite images from the show?
Skye Parrott: All of them, really! I looked around the show last night and wished I could own every piece in it! The Weegee I included was actually a benefit edition that BAM did and is for sale, so I may buy that one. And I think I'm going to trade Cass Bird for her piece.

DD: What are your own photographs like?
Skye Parrott: It's funny, because as I was hanging the show, I realised that the choices I had made as a curator had a lot to do with my own work. I like to take pictures of people, both straightforward portraits or with faces obscured, and I take a lot of very abstract landscapes. I tend to think of myself primarily as a portrait photographer, whether I'm shooting fashion or shooting for myself. I'm most interested in taking pictures of people and capturing some piece of who they actually are, or were, at that moment.

DD:What did you hope to achieve with the show?
Skye Parrott: It was my first experience curating, so I mostly just wanted to put together an interesting and coherent show. And I guess I also wanted to provide a snapshot of a time and a place I really loved, and that I miss.