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Flickr Showcase: Summer Round-Up

Dazed hand-select the best of photographs for the end of summer

It's clear the contributors to Dazed Flickr account are a pretty well travelled bunch. As the daylight hours get shorter and the days of shorts  seem a distant memory, we decided to pick some of our favourite Summer shots, and make our Dazed Summer Album and we asked what summer means to them with the question: "Summer. Where and why?"

Matteo Mastronardi:
"Brazil... because Brazil is fresh, dynamic, modern and inspirational. It's another dimension, another mood, another way of life."

Anabel Navarro:
"The Mediterranean Spanish coast, because of the colors, the energy, the inpiration of the light and amazing sunrises!"

Marco Trinchillo:
"Summer is wherever you can enjoy the place around you, it could be your city (like me) or the place of your dreams.
I love May and September of summer, because in my city the tourists return home and the beach is free!"

Stefano Marchionini:
"In the South of France, in Provence. [Spending] one day at the Sainte-Croix Lake, another one at the sea, Les Issambres beach. But mostly I stay at home, because here is where my boyfriend lives. La Lande des Selves is a wonderful place surrounded by the trees. It's calm here, even if French families are usually noisy, but when they are too noisy you can always find a couch and take a nap. And this is what I do, frequently."

Ariel Rosenbloom:
"New York City. It's hot and sticky and there's a place around the block from work that sells beer for a dollar. What more could I want?"

Steve Sachs:
"Wandering through the suburbs of New Jersey with my camera because confronting a thing you hate is sometimes the best way to overcome it."

Jeff Luker:
"Chase the summer until you are lost in the wild, because you never know when it will disappear."

Lisa O’Hara:
"Home. Because I've traveled a lot this summer, been all over the country for gigs, festivals & holidays (as I'm too skint to go abroad!) but I'm pretty sure the best times I've had were at home in Bottesford, North Lincolnshire. Sunshine can do so much good to otherwise boring places! I love the city, but here I just feel like a big kid - I get to hang out with my dog & cat (and family of course.) I know I'll get bored of being here soon but at the moment i'm happy that I'm not far from rolling down hills in the countryside, not far from the lovely (yet freezing) coast, not far from old friends, and not far from a full fridge of food & booze (not to mention all too frequent Dad's BBQ's) - it's just perfect!"