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Cover of 'Moonmilk: Ryan McGinley'

Mörel Mania

We speak to the indie publisher that is about to put out the accompanying book to Ryan McGinley's Moonmilk exhibition in London.

Beautiful and affordable, Mörel are taking a different path than the art book publishing big guns.
Dazed Digital talks to them about doing it their way.

Dazed Digital: How did Mörel get started, and when did you guys start publishing affordable art books, and zines?
Mörel: We've been around for about a year now. It all started with a fascination to make good affordable art books with a low print run. The sort of thing you would feel lucky to have bought at a modest price!

DD: What was the inspiration to start Morel?
Mörel: A fascination for art books!
Books are an amazing form of transferable information. They can be so valuable for the transmission of cultural evolution that biblioclasm (book burning) is not only a symbolic act but an act to erase cultures! The power and influence of art books is undeniable, from the humble zine to the hefty monograph.
I feel a well designed book can portray an artists work better than an exhibition. i.e. through texture, format, sequence etc. The artist can achieve his aims through unlimited variables! In return the viewer also has the discretion to view a book how, where and when they like. The artists work and the viewer can’t be any more intimate! Everyone seems to get what they want with a  book.

DD: You have a great cross section of established and lesser know artists. How do you select the people you publish?
Mörel: The selection process is based on what we personally like. It's incredibly important to keep established and "young blood" artists in the same circle. There is no hierarchy in the system... Some of these lesser know artists are really taking off, i.e. Jonnie Craig and Paul Herbst

DD: What have been your favourite art books published in the last few years ?
Mörel: I love well done zines. I suppose what I don’t like is the cliché art book, of glossy paper, hard back and a lack of design... The book should create an appropriate atmosphere/ context for the content.

DD: The Ryan McGinley book looks really beautiful. How did Mörel come to publish it?
Mörel: The McGinley book is beautiful! It's really simple, and raw, we worked closely with Ryan on the whole design and feel of the book...

DD: What are the pro and cons of being a independent publisher ?
Mörel: The pro is there are no cons!

DD: What is coming up in the future for Mörel?
Mörel: A bundle of zines by the likes of Gavin Watson, Jerry Hsu, and two potential book/zines by two major photographers, I wont drop names for now!
Come October, there's a translation of Arthur Rimbaud's "A Season in Hell" with illustrations by Patti Smith and photo's from Robert Mapplethorpe. It will be designed in the style of Rimbauds 1873 self-published pamphlet.

'Moonmilk: Ryan MgGinley' published by Mörel out September 10 to accompany exhibition at Alison Jacques Gallery which opens to public September 11.