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Flickr Showcase: Logan Jackson

Driving his imagery, Logan Jackson’s irrepressible love of nature is unavoidably omnipresent in his delicate, stunning works.

Logan Jackson’s first foray into photography happened as if from nowhere, only one year ago. Enamored with nature, Jackson’s vivid portrayals of the outdoors are full of energy, beauty and boundless possibility. Here, the young photographer talks to Dazed about the great outdoors, the violent headshakes that captivate him, and ultimate persistence in the name of his art…

Dazed Digital: What's your background as a photographer?
Logan Jackson: I don't suppose I have a "background" in photography as an art.  I picked it up, basically out of nowhere, exactly a year ago. I got into the Flickr community back in December and just kept going. I've always had an eye for creativity, though. I have been painting my entire life, so my first photographs were almost all nature photos, taken just so I could paint them. But now my priorities pretty exclusively lie in photography. Whenever I edit something, it's the same kind of calm for me as painting is.

DD: How do you find the locations for your outdoor shots? What do you look for?
Logan Jackson: The outdoor locations usually find me. Though, when I'm driving, I've always got one eye on the road while the other is scanning the sides. I'm a sucker for a big field, and I don't have a problem going up to a stranger's house to let them know what I'm doing. What I look for is a hidden place. If I can find a tucked away field that leads into a forest, I am ecstatic.  

DD: What equipment/film do you use? What do you like about the equipment/film you use?
Logan Jackson: As of now, I shoot with a Canon EOS T1i. I use the 18-55mm kit lens sometimes, but most often I use my 35mm lens. Of course I have my trusty tripod, but that's about it. I don't have a remote for my camera, which is a problem sometimes. I do loads of self-portraits (but wish I had an endless supply of models), and it's great exercise setting up the shot 100 feet away then running to my spot before the 10 second timer is up. But hey, I live for it. I have a film Canon and a Polaroid camera, but don't use either of them. I guess I just enjoy the quick results of digital, and the ability to try over and over, rather than hoping it comes out right. At the same time, though, I love the spontaneity and the look of film, so I think I'll start using those cameras for fun.

DD: Are you inspired by any particular films? Art? Literature?
Logan Jackson: One piece of art in particular that inspired me greatly, only about 9 months ago, is a painting called 'The Swing' by Jean-Honore Fragonard. I found it in my history book last year and fell in love with it. It's really overly extravagant-a woman on a tree swing in a forest that looks enchanted, in a ridiculously huge pink dress. There's also a man down below looking up her dress, but that's not why I like it so much. That painting is so romantic, and the setting and the clothing are such contrasts of each other, it's just magical to me. I want to go to the forest now.

DD: What about other photographers?
Logan Jackson: I came across a photographer named Rengim Mutevellioglu very recently, but she is so incredible that I can already count her as an influence. Her photos are so cinematic and beautiful. She has these amazing action shots of girls with hair flying all over the place. I loved them so much that pretty much the day after seeing them I ran out and tried some flipping of the hair shots with a friend. Now every time I shoot with a girl I order her to violently shake her head. The fact that she is the same age as I am intimidates me, but drives me.

DD: Where would you most like to shoot next?
Logan Jackson: That is such a hard question. OK. In a fantasy land, I would like to shoot down at the foot of some mountains, in the smog. But since I'm nowhere near any mountains, I will probably try and shoot next inside a flea market, where they have this unbelievable antique kitchen set on display with chairs that look like thrones. The confused looks from strangers don't really bother me anymore. I would also really like to try shooting underwater again sometime soon. My first attempt was a miserable failure, but I'm keeping the faith!