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See some unreleased Ren Hang photos

The visionary Chinese photographer worked on a TOTEM COLLECTIVE lookbook in December 2016 – his life and the images are to be celebrated in Paris

Ren Hang was a visionary, a photographer that captured something so defiantly human, an artist who offered an intensely emotional portrayal of our existence. A tragedy of his passing is not just how young he was, but how active he was and how widely his art is now being recognised – there are currently Ren Hang exhibitions open in Amsterdam, Antwerp and Stockholm.

He had also just shot a lookbook at the very end of 2016 with his friends TOTEM COLLECTIVE, a global creative group who are launching a bag called TOTE01. “He was more than supportive of our project, even if he had a crazy schedule at that time he still tried his best and spent his only day in Beijing to shoot for TOTEM COLLECTIVE,” says co-founder Bohan Qiu. “It is truly an incredible present he wanted to give to us and I can only thank him by spreading his beauty even further in the world.

“While we were finalizing the book with him over the past few weeks, we only received the final print upon arrival in Beijing, right after this incident. We stayed together with our close friends to send our condolences to his family and to support each other through this extremely difficult time, while sharing all the beautiful memories we had together with Ren Hang.”

The book is called “BAO”, which in Chinese can mean ‘Bag’, ‘Baby’, ‘Treasure’, ‘Embrace’, or ‘Explosion’, depending on the intonation. On Sunday March 5 TOTEM COLLECTIVE will be holding an exhibition in Paris to showcase the images and honour their dear, departed friend Ren Hang by listening to his favourite Cantonese disco.