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Jacob Lillis

Down a pint in Jacob Lillis's My England series

Ahead of the photographer's World Cup expedition for Dazed, we profile his latest images of the suburban pubs and working men's clubs of Yorkshire

Over the coming month, Huddersfield-born photographer Jacob Lillis will be travelling the length and breadth of England for Dazed's Fever Pitch series, capturing the lives of people consumed by World Cup mania. He'll be inside homes and pubs, documenting the desperation and nervousness, the celebration and elation. In this short interview, we catch a moment with Jacob while he's on the road, and take a look at his beautiful My England series. Check Dazed Digital throughout the month for more of his work.

Dazed Digital: Are you excited for the tournament to start? Have you got a sense of the atmosphere yet?

Jacob Lillis: I grew up surrounded by football like most lads. Even more so as my Dad was a player back in the day, and my brother got picked up young and eventually turned pro as well. I follow my family in football, supporting them and nobody else really, but when the World Cup is on I get really excited and get back into it all.

DD: There are some beautifully intimate photos in your My England series – are people your favourite subjects to photograph?

Jacob Lillis: Thank you. Almost everyone in that series are my family. I love it and they are my favourite people to photograph, but I also love photographing the things that remind me of them. The places where I grew up and the scenes that I am familiar with. They are my favourite things to photograph.

DD: Is there a particular person or scene that you’ve met on this project that’s really captured your heart?

Jacob Lillis: Yeah. It was when I went to Huddersfield last week. I was out drinking with my family in their local The Black Bull and my dad pointed to the ceiling. I looked up and it was covered in every teams national flag, he shouted "C'mon England!". Unfortunately I didn't have my camera. I'll head back next week.

DD: Who do you want to win?

Jacob Lillis: England.