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Gabriel Quintao

Idol-worship on the front line

Getting hot and heavy in the front row with Brazilian photographer Gabriel Quintao

Brazilian photographer Gabriel Quintão's forte is hectic music shows, but it isn't the acts on stage that draw his lens, it's the crowd. More specifically the front row in all it's sweaty, up-close thirst for decibel maximisation. Quintão began shooting shows back in 2006 and turned it into a career as a photojournalist in São Paulo. For many gig-goers it's the most irritating part of the night – getting a mouthful of the guy in front's undulating backpack as the crowds surge, but for him, the fans at the front make for the best shot. "The front row is always unpredictable", he says. "People reaching their physical limit just to be as close as possible to their idol is much more interesting to me than the planned and controlled situation happening on the stage". In this series below Quintão captures the raw emotions of these front rows as they vie for the best spot. "The dispute to be in the front row makes me think of a war, with desperate fans fighting for survival. In my opinion, being in these crowded first rows is more about proving your love for an idol than to enjoy the actual music. "

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