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Cold Wave
"Arctic Landscape", 2014Hannah Whittaker

When maths meets photography

Geometry and the camera make unlikely bed pals in Hannah Whittaker's latest show

Cold Wave, which opens this week at M+B Gallery, will be photographer Hannah Whittaker's first solo show in LA. The Yale graduate is fascinated by Austrian logician Kurt Gödel, who first introduced the notion of unknowability in mathematics – an interest which has clearly bled into her own work on Cold Wave. Layering hand-cut paper screens over one another Whittaker fuses the geometric and the photographic from an abstract yet approachable angle. Speaking about the process behind Cold Wave she said, "I combined as many as 15 screens to form one single image, so the process was quite labour-intensive. I made them all over the course of the very cold winter we just had in New York and looking back I realized this was evident in the photographs. I titled the show Cold Wave partly to acknowledge the actual content in the pictures, and partly because of the coldness that the mechanized process casts over the photographic content."

Cold Wave runs March 15 – April 26 at M+B Gallery.

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