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Tine Bek Showcase
"Bending Over Backwards"Tine Bek

Introducing Tine Bek

Photos from the Danish photographer's upcoming book dissecting the realities and pretences of the class system

Tine Bek is a Danish photographer splitting her time between Copenhagen and Glasgow whilst currently working on an art residency in Buenos Aires. With several self-published works already to her name, including last year's Onion (Danish for 'dog's vagina'), plus a feature in last year's Masculine issue of Capricious, Bek isn't likely to remain one of those hidden gems for much longer. Fascinated by the minutiae of human interaction, Bek describes her latest series, Peuble, as "An investigation into sophistication and class. I question the context of the middle-class, how does the division look today? How much is reality and when does the pretending end?". Take an exclusive first look at Peuble, which is set to become part of a larger, published work later this year, along with Bek's other works – Onion, Urban Illness