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Elm-tree Alley
Klin district of Moscow region 23.01.11Vladimir Kurashov

Escape into Moscow's winter wonderland

Stunningly stark nature black-and-whites from photographer Vladimir Kurashov, the star of this week's Doc X

This week's Doc X video on our Visionaries platform follows the story of young Moscow photographer Vladimir Kurashov, whose eyesight was damaged in a street fight. The affliction gives his work a unique poetic quality. For Poetics of the Locality, his most recent series, Kurashov worked throughout the winter months of 2009–2012 capturing the landscapes of his hometown, Tushino, just northwest of Moscow proper, in his favoured black-and-white. Kurashov speaks of the series as  "...a runaway of the city dweller into the bosom of nature: the very nature which is the subject of endless reflection and contemplation."