Towers of London

An exclusive preview of Robert Glowacki's new book on the humble London tower block

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Towers of London Robert Glowacki

London photographer Robert Glowacki moved from Warsaw -- years ago and began to scour the streets for intereting people and subjects, eventually leading to his first book Eastenders which explored the personalities and quirks of London's East End. Never having studied photography, Glowacki's main fascination came from fashion shoots.

In Robert's own words:

I've been obsessed with tower blocks for as long as I can remember as I've never lived in one. You can find them in every European city but the ones I saw in London really captured my imagination. I’m not sure if you can say this about a building but to me they’re somehow dehumanized but at the same time truly fascinating with hundreds of hopes and dreams trapped inside. I always say that this book is not about architecture, it's really about people but without a single picture of people in it.

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